Vacations are meant to be a relaxing detour from the day-to-day stresses of life. However, the logistical planning that goes into them can turn an exciting escape into an ordeal of its own. There are hotel rooms to book, tickets to purchase, research and planning for events, and scheduling to fit it all in. During a business trip, there are meetings to coordinate, presentations to practice, last-minute problems and oversights to account for, and clients to impress.

With this flurry of activity, we often forget our health, well-being, and stress levels. While we spend an immense amount of time planning, we might be forgetting that essential “me time” to recharge our batteries.

Hotels By Day allows you to get those vital moments for yourself between important meetings or sightseeing. By simply searching for your area, you can find hotels with affordable daytime rates. A few clicks and you’ll have a room ready and waiting.

Hotels are typically used for overnight stays so why book a hotel for the day?

1. A Needed Intermission Between Big Events

Hotel room reservations are most often between 4 p.m. and 10 a.m. As such, the average daily rate for a hotel room is based on 16 hours of occupancy. The model leaves out a full eight hours of the day. Hotels By Day taps into this unused block of time for guests who need only a short stay for to rest, refresh and regroup, rather than a full overnight stay.

Not all business travelers or day trippers need overnight stays. Some catch an early flight, land at noon, and need a quick nap before an evening big meeting. Some may need to shower and change between events for a party that night. Hotels By Day provides the tool to secure the no-hassle, easy-access stop you need to transition from event to event.

2. When you need additional planning time

It’s always said that practice makes perfect. There’s nothing more important than adequate preparation for an important presentation. However, Starbucks is not the place to practice your speech in the few hours of crunch time between landing time and your meeting. When you need some productive prep time to work, Hotels By Day provides you with the quiet environment you need to do so. Leveraging partnerships with hotels in most major U.S. cities, Hotels By Day provides you instant access to an intra-day stay at a hotel nearby.

3. When You Need a Breather During Your Day Trip

There are stressful components to even the most thoroughly planned trip. Part of the benefit of a day trip is getting away from your routine, and relaxing at a luxury hotel is the perfect way to do that. Take some time to kick back and enjoy the feeling of escape, ask the concierge for fun dinner reservations, or schedule a massage at your hotel spa. Your vacation should be an occasion to de-stress and Hotels By Day can make that happen. Try Hotels By Day for your next trip!

Wondering how to get started? Learn more about HotelsByDay hotel partnerships here, email us at, or give us a call at +1.855.925.2530 today. Happy travels!


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