There are countless careers that enable people to travel while working. However, depending on your job and the nature of your stay, booking a hotel room overnight may not always be necessary, nor cost-effective. Looking to unwind in a quiet room for a few hours to rest and recharge, to wash up and relax in before hitting the streets?


If you’re in one of these five travel-intensive careers, booking a day stay at a hotel with HotelsByDay is the best decision for your schedule and your budget.

  • Consultant

While it’s true some travel consultants stay in a location for weeks on end, it depends on the specific project, phase, and client engagement. Consultants also conduct short-term visits in cities around the country. In cases where a consultant might be traveling for a kick-off or final review meeting with the company, a hotel that can offer just a few hours of comfort will do the job. Check in by 9:30, shower, eat breakfast and change for that 12 p.m. meeting. You might even make it home in time for dinner.

  • Salesman

The sales role is to inform potential customers of the company’s products and services, but the most effective members of the sales team know how to effectively manage the large amount of down time that comes with constant travel.

Whether you’re driving or flying to your next meeting, you’re always going to make a better impression with potential clients and customers when you have the chance to change into fresh clothes and catch your breath before your meeting. Day stays are perfect for a fresh shave, a quiet space to work on your slide deck presentation, or squeeze in a quick nap.

  • Public Speaker

Public speakers travel all the time. It’s what they do. However, as anyone who’s organized a speaking tour can attest, you need careful planning to make sure you’re hitting adequate profit margins for all the time and energy you’re investing. Thanks to the option of booking a hotel room for the day, public speakers can skip steep overnight costs while still having full access to the amenities they need before their speaking engagement.

Because most speaking events are in the evening, day stays are perfect for morning and afternoon preparation. Once you’ve gotten dressed, gone over your outline and talking points, and practiced your speech, you’re ready to tackle the event and rock the house.

  • Travel Writer

Writers, and travel writers in particular, are always on the go. They need to constantly explore their area and observe as much as possible to source their material. But with an endless list of new and exciting experiences, it’s easy for a travel writer to get caught up and find it difficult to set aside time to document. Since deadlines always vary and travel writers aren’t locked into set 9-5 schedules, checking into a nice hotel in a new city is a perfect way to settle in for some quality writing in a quiet, peaceful setting during an otherwise hectic day.

  • Reporter

Reporters are never truly off the clock, and the most successful ones bounce from city to city covering events as they unfold. With a nonstop itinerary full of red-eye flights and constant movement, reporters need access to comfortable space when their schedule allows. Want to sleep off jetlag in a new city? HotelsByDay gives you that hotel room without the obligation of an overnight reservation. It’s flexible, it’s accommodating, and it’s perfect for a reporter’s packed schedule. Reporters, above all else, need to be organized. Catching up on sleep helps the ideas flow more freely, and the writing sound more natural.

What are some other travel-intensive careers that would benefit from intra-day stays? Let us know below in the comments section!


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