Whether it’s your first visit to New York City or you are a seasoned visitor, finding a hotel is one of the most important aspects of planning your trip. With options that include overnight, half-day and quick nap hotels, finding a rental that suits your next vacation is easy with FlexBook.

Last-Minute Reservations

If you are getting a late start on making reservations for the holidays, FlexBook has you covered. We offer a wide selection of same day hotels in New York, and last minute reservations are available using the late check in option. For a quick shopping trip, half-day rentals allow you to rest comfortably between visits to your favorite 5th Avenue shops, or opt for an hourly rental if you want to catch a few hours of sleep before catching up with friends and family. We work with over a dozen hotels in New York City, allowing you to have access to last-minute lodgings throughout the holiday season.

You Choose Your Lodgings

FlexBook has a range of hotels to choose from, and each hotel offers a range of amenities that make your stay more comfortable. Book your stay at the Radisson at JFK for a convenient night’s sleep before heading into the city, or choose an hourly rate hotel to get dressed in your finest before attending a holiday party in the city.

We offer hotels throughout the city, with options that include ultra-modern spaces in the heart of Manhattan and historic hotels located moments away from Times Square. Amenities like shuttle services, onsite restaurants and onsite business centers are available through our partner hotels to provide you with the services you need while visiting the city.

Budget Friendly Vacations

Unexpected travel costs make the holidays a little less festive. At FlexBook, we offer competitive pricing on all rentals, including same day rentals, to make last-minute reservations more affordable. With options like early and late check in times and hourly rates for daycation rentals, your next trip to New York is more affordable than you expect. You won’t have to purchase an extra night just to check in early or check out later.

FlexBook also offers Internet Hot Deals, allowing you to save even more on your next hotel booking. For those who like to schedule lodgings in advance, FlexBook allows you to schedule your overnight stay in advance. Online booking is available for a simpler, more convenient way to plan your next trip to the city, even if you are traveling to the city while making your reservation.

Family and Pet Friendly Options

Nothing is more important than spending time with your family during the holidays. At FlexBook, finding pet-friendly and family-friendly lodgings is as easy as filtering the search results to find the amenities you need. To make the trip more comfortable, use FlexBook to create a custom schedule.

For instance, short nap hotels are a must when you are traveling with children. With a well-rested family, you can enjoy more of the city’s diverse range of holiday attractions. FlexBook offers you more choices, more flexibility and more savings for a vacation or day trip that you can repeat more often.

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