The now famous term, 420, is believed to have been started by a group of high school students in Marin County, California back in the early 1970s. It was slang to find out if someone was holding and also to inquire as to whether the kid asking looked stoned. Their preferred time to meet was at 4:20 in the afternoon. It’s hard to believe these humble (Humboldt?) beginnings gave way to such a cultural phenomenon.

Enjoying the 420 events around Colorado and especially Denver has never been easier than with a relax hotel from HotelsByDay. While April 20 is the day for celebrating the legalization of cannabis in the Mile High City, as one recent traveler observed, “It’s 420 for the whole month of April.” There are many events and concerts on the official day, and the upcoming weekend will prove to be a real blast. Taking in all the sights, sounds and smells of the best events is a breeze with one of the relax hotel partners in the area.

Munchie Crawl and More

Colorado Cannabis Week runs April 19 – 23, presented by Colorado Cannabis Tours, features some of the best cannabis-themed events in Denver. It also includes 420 activities such as Puff Pass & Paint classes, The Munchie Crawl, and cooking classes using a healthy mix of herbs.


City Sessions Denver offers a unique bus tour with stops at all the hot spots featuring Colorado’s Cannabis Culture. From April 20 – 22, from 12 pm until 4 pm, riders will get inside peeks at commercial grow facilities along with a private glass blowing demo and plenty of opportunities to purchase top of the line product.

The official 420 Rally on April 20 in Civic Center Park includes a free 2 Chainz concert along with a vendor village. This rally is considered the largest and most prolific gathering of cannabis enthusiasts and has been a leader in the march for the deregulation of cannabis for over 20 years. The event runs from 10 am until 8 pm, making a relax hotel the perfect respite in between all the partying.

420 On The Block is a multi-venue event celebrating the culture of cannabis. With six clubs and performers ranging from Del the Funky Homosapien to Live Animals and every act in between, it’s one of Denver’s hottest 420 tickets. There’s also comedy acts, speakers and art exhibitions. It’s so huge it’s got its own map.


Don’t harsh the sparkle

While Denver is ablaze with so many 420 happenings it could make your head spin, HotelsByDay has the perfect chill solution. Getting a relax hotel, with early check in or late check out times, is a great way to take in the day activities and the night activities without burning out. Take a quick nap, grab a shower and rage on long into the night with a half day stay. Whether you’re visiting Denver for 420 celebrations or any other time, a same day hotel has got you covered.

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