These past few months have tested us all, as the world has responded to a common, invisible enemy. Faced with this unprecedented challenge, COVID-19 is reminding us of our humanity. It’s clear now more than ever we need to come together in spirit, despite this physical isolation. 

HotelsByDay, an app for booking hotel rooms and other amenities by the hour or during the day, wanted to understand the traveler’s psyche during this difficult time. Over 300 people shared their thoughts in a poll sent to HotelsByDay subscribers, revealing some remarkable insights. Regardless of the challenges presented by Coronavirus, consumers remain positive when it comes to travel.  

Majority of Travelers Still Optimistic About Their Travel Plans

In fact, the recent subscriber poll revealed the vast majority of travelers are still optimistic about their plans, even in a post-pandemic world. 

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Where Are People Planning to Travel in 2020?

Half of people planning to travel in 2020 think they’ll stay domestic, while 19 percent still plan to travel internationally this year. This shows people are still very much on-board with the idea of traveling for an extended period of time. About 30 percent say they see themselves sticking to local travel if they end up going anywhere.

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Why isn’t the coronavirus chilling the desire to travel? Despite grim news on TV, people are ready to get back out there. Perhaps being on lockdown has given people some fresh perspectives on the value of travel—how freedom of movement, along with cultural exposure, is invaluable—and too often taken for granted. 

People Are Tired of Being Cooped Up at Home

While the majority of our poll respondents say they’re doing just fine working and being productive from home, that doesn’t mean they want to stay there forever. People are looking at new opportunities to get away.

Over 60 percent of respondents would consider escaping to a safe environment like a hotel room for a day. Meanwhile, six percent have already done this and would do it again.

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Most Guests Love the HotelsByDay Experience

For people considering the idea of escaping to a safe place like a hotel for a day, HotelsByDay, if the name doesn’t make it obvious, was created for this exact purpose.

Whether you want a pool pass or an hourly room rental, there are tons of options for creating an ideal getaway for the day. Furthermore, the survey results show customers are consistently satisfied with their HotelsByDay experiences.

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People Can’t Wait to Settle Back into Their Old Habits

It’s obvious some things will change as a result of the coronavirus. Regardless, 82 percent of the HotelsByDay survey respondents said they can’t wait to settle back into their old habits once restrictions ease. 

Some habits die hard. Travel, understandably, seems to be one of them.

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