Let’s be honest here, even if you’ve organized your summer plans to the smallest detail, you’re still going to have days when you feel like you’ve run out of things to do. Maybe you’ve just finished binging a season of your favorite show Netflix, or just flat out have been sitting in your home all day; whatever the reason, one of the best things to do during your summer lulls is to go explore out one of your city’s many local parks to take in some of the surrounding people, food, and attractions. Even if you’re participating in an activity you’d normally prefer doing indoors (i.e. reading or napping), taking yourself to do it outdoors is often a tranquil option that many people overlook.

With over 5,000 acres of green dotted about its streets, the city of London boasts an impressive number of parks for such an urbanized area. The city’s eight central parks, also known as the Royal Parks, all contain lush gardens, historic memorials, fountains, and statues for you to enjoy during your day stay. However, we here at Hotelsbyday won’t just focus on these large parks, but will also highlight some lesser known parks for you to discover on your London daycation. So what are you waiting for? Book a same day hotel room with Hotelsbyday in the bustling city of London this summer, and cure your boredom with some of the city’s finest green.


Crystal Palace Park:


A huge open park in South London, Crystal Palace Park has some fantastic views of both the city and its surrounding greenery. However, it isn’t the beauty of the park that makes this joint a summer favorite for native Londoners. Within the park is an area named ‘Dinosaur Court’ where a plethora of larger than life statues of extinct animals bask the sunlight waiting to surprise visitors during their leisurely stroll.


Clissold Park:

Deer in Clissold Park

Located at the end of Stoke Newington’s Church St, Clissold Park is probably the best option for those looking to have a memorable London daycation with their families. Go deer watching with the little ones or maybe wind down with your loved one with a glass of wine while you let the kids go explore the park’s numerous huge playgrounds. There’s no doubt that Clissold Park will definitely offer hours of fun for all ages.


Postman’s Park:

postman park

If you’re a fan of green lawns and historic memorial structures, Postman’s park is the perfect park to spend a sunny day at during your same day London daycation. The park’s famous Memorial to Heroic Self Sacrifice is quite moving, dedicated to all the ordinary men and women who went out of their way to save the lives of others by losing theirs. With dozens of plaques etched with touching stories that date from the the 19th century, Postman’s Park is one of the most poignant historic areas in London.


Hyde Park:

hyde park

Probably the most central of the eight Royal Parks of London, Hyde Park is also the largest park of them all. With 350 plus acres of open land that resides along a lake, Hyde Park houses an insane amount of activities for you to conquer during your London daycation. From horseback riding, boat rides, Kensington Gardens, and the Princess Diana Memorial, you definitely won’t be running out of famous landmarks to view on your London daycation.

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