Hotels By Day, available free on iTunes and the Google Play Store, provides daytime hotel stays to travelers and families in prime locations around the country. For travelers waiting out a long layover or professionals looking for a quiet place to work, we have your solution.

Vacationed-out families and busy professionals are often stuck between less-than-ideal spots to kill time, or booking an overnight hotel stay when they only need a few afternoon hours. Hotels By Day offers these travelers the opportunity to book hotel rooms for a time frame that’s better suited to their daytime needs.

With today’s hectic schedules, instant access to services is essential, and Hotels By Day fills the demand for instant space to work and rest. Smartphone users can already call a driver with Uber, or order food with Seamless, so it’s time that same streamlined, instant access was available for daytime hotel space. Only Hotels By Day can instantly book guests an intra-day “staycation” in a convenient location near you in a growing list of select U.S. cities.  

Hotels By Day informs the app user of vacancies between 10 a.m. and 8 p.m. This deviates from the norm, as hotels typically base their revenue models on the standard sixteen-hour stay, from 4 p.m. to 10 a.m.  Therefore, there’s a wealth of unused room space after overnight guests check out and the next guest arrives to check in for the night. This unoccupied intra-day inventory is a large, eight-hour void that hotels could utilize to increase their RevPAR. Hotels By Day helps these hotels by allowing easy access for customers to book a short stay at a reduced rate. Hotels by Day helps families who simply want a home base for their day trip into the city, or for business travelers who want to regroup after a long flight or a particularly grueling meeting.

Hotels By Day doesn’t book rooms by the hour—it reserves blocks ranging anywhere from four to nine hours. One of the primary uses of this function is a “staycation,” an occasion for on-the-go families or professionals to relax and recharge while they enjoy their hotel’s amenities, dining, and on-site entertainment. In our age of instant services, after-hours deadlines, and ever-increasing workloads, Hotels By Day offers the first-ever chance in the United States for busy travelers to reserve blocks of time for much-needed “me time.” Much like similar on-demand apps, Hotels By Day offers an easy-to-use, highly visual presentation that gives the user the information needed to make a convenient, uncomplicated decision to find a place to wait out their layover, recharge between flights or practice their presentation.

As there is a large amount of supply for the time blocks Hotels By Day offers, the time bands are flexible and the rates are lower than the nighttime stays. Our app will find you your relief from the chaos of your surroundings with a few taps on your phone.

Hotels By Day gives you options. There is no need to make your trip any more stressful than it needs to be, so try us for your next trip!

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Business Development at HotelsByDay
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