This past weekend we crossed $50,000 in our WeFunder campaign! If you’re not familiar with WeFunder, they’re basically the “Kickstarter of investing.” For as little as $100, people can invest in startups they love & own equity.

HotelsByDay crossing the $50k mark is big news for three reasons:

1. We’re just about halfway to our campaign goal of $107,000. 

2. While $50k, or $107k, may not seem like an astronomical amount in an age of overfunded startups, it’s what our lean mean hospitality providing machine needs to invest in better tech, improve our mobile app, build a loyalty program and continue to grow in cities around the globe.

3. Most importantly, this crowdfunding campaign has granted us an amazing opportunity to connect with our audience! Our guests and partner hoteliers have stepped up with investments, social shares, and support from all angles to make this campaign succeed.

To say we’re feeling a lot of love from our community is an understatement. To-date, over 100 people have invested, in amounts from a hundred to a few thousand dollars! It’s truly humbling and a reminder of why we’ve chosen to stay away from venture-capital cash and grow this thing at the grassroots level.

If you’re wondering why you’re only now hearing of our WeFunder campaign, don’t worry, your window hasn’t closed.

“Too often, we miss out on opportunities in this life because we were too busy waiting for them to fall into our lap that we missed them tapping on our shoulder.” – Daniel Willey

Nobody’s going to invest your money for you, so consider stumbling upon this post as your delicate, but firm, shoulder tap.

Why Invest in HotelsByDay?

HotelsByDay is the North American leader in the nascent but burgeoning field of daytime hotel rooms — with expanding inventory in Europe, Asia, and Australia. In fact, these past three weeks have been the best in our company’s 3.5-year history!

What Your Investment Means 

Aside from having equity in HotelsByDay, cash-back offerings, and free-stay perks, investing means supporting a personalized service in the era of big company automation.

Whether you book with us, invest with us—or both, you’re doing business with a company set on fostering travel flexibility and offering positive, memorable experiences.

Get a sense of our company and mission by listening to our CEO Yannis Moati talk about monetizing room downtime and improving guest experiences on the Lodging Leaders podcast.

Listen to that podcast here.

Learn more about the terms of investment or get your stake in HotelsByDay when you visit our WeFunder campaign page.

HotelsByDay offers flexible stay daytime hotel rooms for a few hours.

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Offering flexible stay day hotel rooms across North America, Europe and beyond.