To say New York City attracts tourists from far and wide is an understatement. It’s not only a popular spot for American tourists but it’s also equally attractive to tourists from around the world. A happening city with a multi-cultural look, varied cuisines, fast-paced life and energetic atmosphere, New York City does not really need much advertising. New York has a unique feel that is unmatched by any other city around the world. What amazes people is that this city does not fall under any specific category. With all this going for it, a New York City daycation should be getting more expensive. But something has changed and it’s benefiting travelers.

…Give us your curious

A New York City daycation has some of everything. From tourist attractions such as Central Park and the Statue of Liberty to Wall Street’s financial hub. From friendly neighborhoods like Brooklyn Heights and Gramercy Park, to happening downtown with a variety of a restaurants and bars. New York is an entire world in itself. This places NYC on the map as one visit to this city offers a unique experience for lifetime. But, isn’t cost an important factor when you plan a visit to this city?

While budget is essential for trips to any destination, NYC is famous for being expensive. However, the New York Post reported the famous city has become less expensive to visit. Exploring new neighborhoods “just because” has never been more cost efficient. Never been to Harlem? Now’s your chance. Haven’t checked out Prospect Park yet? Lace up those sneakers!

Flexibility and convenience

Before online accessibility, hotels were known to be expensive and inflexible. Besides, lack of competition increased the price. Add to this, mandatory overnight booking along with inflexible check-in time, and costs to consumers skyrocketed. But today, the scenario is definitely changing with day stay hotels. As more day booking hotels are partnering with HotelsbyDay, guests can book without rigid criteria. It’s also beneficial on the financial front because day stay hotels eliminate overnight rates. Early check in and late check out, are some of the cost-saving benefits of a day booking hotel from HotelsByDay. New York City day use hotels are increasing in popularity, whether they are used as a quick nap hotel, or as a place to take a business meeting, hourly hotels keep travel costs down and productivity up. A Big Apple daycation is just what the doctor ordered!


Business is booming

Big Apple daycations are becoming more affordable due to variety of reasons. A drop in hotel rates is a major contributor. Guests can pick from a range of accommodation options and match with it their budget. Prime locations such as Times Square, Central Park, and Brooklyn neighborhoods have a variety of day use hotels due to the recent building boom. Getting an affordable  day booking hotel room right in the heart of the city is not impossible anymore as there are many options to pick from. There’s more unoccupied hotel room inventory, paving the way for cheaper deals and exciting offers.

Besides the hotels that are ruling the scene right now, many more hotels are being added to the list. Over 180 new properties have increased the inventory to almost 30,000 rooms. The rise in number of budget hotels allows guests to be easier on their wallets. Home-sharing websites have also contributed to the low price feature of New York vacations.

Cut costs & increase deals

With increase in competition, hotels are forced to look at ways to increase their profit. Revenue management has become a significant factor for hotels today. Optimum balance between lower costs to guests and profit for their own benefit can ensure good returns. Negotiation with vendors for hotel supplies, partnership with apps and websites (like HotelsByDay), and exciting deals for guests are some of the ways hotels are adapting. Though new hotels are entering into the market, there has been a drop in their profit margin due to increased competition. Lower profit and higher taxes are two major challenges faced by hotels in the city.

In order to lower their costs to guests yet gain profits in the bargain, hotels have started cutting their bills. Elimination of turndown service, provision of only basic supplies and less investment into fancy services are bringing costs down. This poses as a win-win situation for both the guests and hotels. After all, getting an affordable room in a happening hotel right in the middle of the city is quite a draw. The average cost of hotel rooms in NYC has dropped from $252 in 2014 to $224 in first quarter of 2017. It is possible to get excellent rooms in the city over a range of $200-300. This drop in rates have caused an increase in Big Apple daycations.


New style of vacation

Thanks to busy schedules, hectic lifestyles and demanding work profiles, long vacations are becoming rarer. This has brought short daycations into vogue. People prefer short exciting half day stays over difficult long vacations for their perfect getaways. New York City hotels have seen an increase in their customer base for day stays. From relaxing in the hotel swimming pool to working out in their fitness center, to sipping cocktails at the on-site bar to enjoying peaceful naps on comfy beds, guests are making use of the half day stay hotel amenities to relax.

New York City daycations are not only for visits to popular tourist attractions. A perfect view of NYC from a day booking hotel room coupled with exciting amenities for relaxation are some other reasons that have made daycations so popular.

This proves that New York City will always remain a favorite among tourists. Be it in the form of long vacations or short daycations, this city always finds a way to sustain its popularity. For a city that never sleeps, increased flow of tourists will definitely add to its revenue.

So, whether you have seen NYC before or hope to see it soon, make hay while the sun shines and book an affordable Big Apple daycation with HotelsByDay. From the World Trade Center Hotel to the Clarion Hotel Park Avenue to the Holiday Inn Chelsea, there are day stay hotel partners in every happening neighborhood in the city!

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