Do you love day stays & saving money? Earn points towards a day stay by signing up for our loyalty program—MasterKey!

How to Earn MasterKey Loyalty Points Towards a Day Stay:

      1. Sign up for MasterKey.
      2. Answer all the profile questions to earn your first point.
      3. Book a room while signed in to earn that point on all past realized bookings.
      4. Once you earn 20 points, you’re eligible for your day-stay!

MasterKey Loyalty Program Tiers

Everyone starts on the Bronze Plan automatically, which yields 1 point for each booking. Once you reach 20 points at the Bronze level, you’ll have Silver status and each booking will earn 2 points. After 20 points at Silver, you’ll earn 4 points per booking as a Gold member.

Plus, you can even earn points just for showing up. Make it to 10 consecutive bookings (i.e. no cancellations or no-shows) and you’ll earn 1 extra point.

Loyalty Eligibility:

    • Bookings must be made while signed in to MasterKey.

    • Room purchase is mandatory to participate.
    • Valid only in U.S.A. and Canada.

Terms & Conditions:

    • The monetary value of your granted day-stay will be the sum average of all past day stays.

    • Granted stays exclude the cost of tax.

    • Bookings made prior to sign-up are not eligible for points.

    • Loyalty status resets annually on the date of initial sign-up. (Bronze members reset to 2 points, Silver members to 3 points, Gold members to 4 points.)

    • Earn up to four stays each year from date of initial sign-up.

    • ‘Use it or lose it’ — All granted stays for the year must be redeemed before the annual account reset.

    • Cancellations or no-shows on free stays will forfeit the free stay.

    • Eligibility rules are subject to change.

Start earning points toward a day stay on us. Sign up for MasterKey and fill out your profile today!

Join HotelsByDay's new loyalty program, #MasterKey. Learn about program eligibility, including T&C here.

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