This is Part Two of one world traveler exemplifying how the convenience of booking flexible hotels can help save the day!

Hotel flexibility keeps paradise hassle-free.

If one disdains mimosa, jasmine, healing solar rays, a cerulean blue sea, and fields of lavender, something has died within them. I tested traveling tech in 2005, to surprising results. 

Whilst house hunting, I rented a Barbie-dream-house studio in Mandelieu-La Napoule, overlooking Cannes and the Corniche in the French Riviera


The studio fed my OCD clean tendencies: brand new, dazzling white walls with a full balcony for morning coffee and cigarettes. Then the lack of technology blindsided me! My landlord informed me upon arrival, after confirmation, that I’d be moving out for five days. The days were smack in the middle of my stay.  The snafu was due to a previously overlooked booking. The landlord was also incapable of installing wifi as per my rental contract. 

No tech + no flexibility in reservations = infuriated traveler.

Moving an entire apartment to where exactly? Right when I had gotten comfortable and fully unpacked? Obviously, if I’d known, I would have taken different digs! It would’ve been easy to arrange other accommodations in a more wifi connected location. Mobile phones on the Mediterranean coast were not yet omnipresent. There were few online hotspots. I found one, but barely.  I had to squeeze into the sticky, raucous corner of a dodgy Irish internet pub just to get online. My web hopes were dashed due to wiring that resembled a tangle of badly knotted crocheted yarn, with the wadded ball doused in beer. Unbloodybelieveable.  The ability to switch gears and get a room for the day could have helped to sort the entire mess out.

Almost a decade later, daystay hotels with flexible booking, would have been a lifesaver, even half way around the world.


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