The historic town of Rochester, Minnesota is a daycation jewel in the heartland of America, explore it with a day use hotel.

While it is most famous for containing the Mayo Clinic, the area is rich in culture and more. Founded in 1854, the town was originally a stagecoach stop. Rochester flourished into a thriving Midwest metropolis with the arrival of the railroad in the 1860’s. It now has a huge park system with over 80 miles of paved trails, including the Douglas State Trail, built on an old railroad grade. The Zumbro River snakes around the town creating picturesque views at every turn. This stunning terrain is the backdrop for the area’s feted mansions: Heritage House Victorian Museum, Mayowood Mansion, and Plummer House. Rochester is also full of other lively activities ensuring family fun.

Luckily, spending a daycay in Rochester has never been easier than now: HotelsByDay has three amazing daystay hotels right in the middle of the action. Whether you’re spending the day romancing your sweetie, entertaining your whole family, or just soaking up some quality “me” time, our day use hotel partners have got you covered.

A cultural beacon

Those interested in all the cultural attractions of Rochester have a lot to chose from. Facilities like the History Center of Olmsted County brings the past to life. Kids of all ages will be entertained for hours by the exciting historical exhibitions year-round and outdoor gardens to explore. Just a few miles down the road, enter the eclectic world of contemporary art. The Rochester Art Center is one of the most prestigious art institutions in the country. The copper and zinc architecture houses contemporary masters and emerging artists alike. RAC also hosts many traveling shows from all over the world. The Kahler Inn & Suites is strategically located as the perfect day use hotel for this culturally immersive adventure.

Just for the fun of it!

For those traveling with a pack of children, the Kahler Apache Hotel is a must. This hotel is a thrill year-round thanks to its Indoor Waterpark. It’s a safe place to have the kids let loose: a two-story water slide and tropical-themed kiddie pool will keep them busy for hours. Next stop on this kid-friendly daycay is Oxbow Park and Zollman Zoo. This is the area’s premier nature center sitting on over 600 pristine acres. The facility features environmental education programs and houses a zoo. The 30 species of wildlife calling the Zollman Zoo home are all indigenous to Rochester. Many of their animals are too sick, habituated or injured to be re-released into the wild.

The more action-oriented youngsters will love a trip to Silver Lake Park. The facilities contain a skate park, baseball and soccer fields, and picnic areas. In the summer, the lake is perfect for swimming, and other water sports, including local boat rentals. The paved trails are excellent for the rental bikes. Down the road apiece, is the Quarry Hill Nature Center, another “must” during a family fun day. This is one of the most interesting highlights of the park system. The center offers a variety of events from cave tours to making maple treats from sap you’ve harvested yourself! Discover all that the local wilderness has to offer with educational exhibits and classes. And kids of all ages will love Room Escape Games. It offers team building exercises disguised as riveting puzzles. Put your little Sherlocks to the test! It’s as guaranteed good time for all.

A little sophistication

The Kahler Grand Hotel in downtown Rochester is a wonderful day use hotel to take in some shopping, fine dining, and a show. You don’t have to travel to Broadway to see the hit productions of the Great White Way. Just a few minutes from this half day stay hotel is the Rochester Civic Theatre Company. Their lineup includes Broadway staples, original plays, live concerts and a variety of performances.

Also in downtown Rochester are four-star restaurants and beyond: whether you’re wrapped in cashmere chic or are more comfortable in casual denim duds, the downtown area contains a variety of hip trendy boites and rustic home-style eateries. The streets are also lined with high-end boutiques and shops. It’s the perfect place to get that special someone something special.

All in all, no matter what tickles your fancy, Rochester is the perfect destination to take a mini-vacation. Whether it’s with the whole family, just the two of you, or if you’re flying solo, HotelsByDay makes it possible to enjoy all the area has to offer conveniently and cost-efficiently. By using a day booking hotel via our app or website, you’re only paying for the time you need. That’s more money to spend on all the exciting attractions and goodies the area has to offer!

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