Guest Testimonials

I was excited to see you on Shark Tank! Sorry that the sharks didn’t really grasp what you were trying to do. Me as a travel agent, am truly grateful for this site.

I mainly book pilots for the HOTELS BY DAY as they have a mandatory rest period and find it very hard to find a hotel willing to book day rooms so most of the time we have to book for 2 nights. Nice to be able to save clients’ money.

Continued Success!

Mary RossTravel ConsultantShort’s Travel Management

Great hotels and prices!

Samantha Sin

HotelsByDay offers a great variety of hotels with people friendly staff. I had a great time with all my stays and recommend this to anyone looking for hotels during the day

Devon DenslowManhattan, New York, NY

The service was great. The bookings online was easy and efficient.

Debbie Muller

I love hotels by day for a couple of reasons. The first of which is red eye flights from L.A. I am not able to sleep in flight. Thus, when I arrive back in Boston I am like a zombie. With HBD I can grab breakfast at Logan Airport and then have my car service take me to the hotel for a quick refreshing nap. After that I am ready for my meetings in town.
Secondly, I can come into the city and schedule meetings right at the hotel. I can grab dinner downstairs and a quick nap. Then, off to the airport.
My only complaint is that there are not more hotels in Boston that partake in Hotels by Day. Something close to the airport with shuttle service would be genius

Eric Melvin