If you’re a frequent traveler, you need information about the 10 worst airports and airlines for flight delays. Promotional airfares continue to attract flyers to airports across the country but airports and airlines haven’t increased staff to deal with the demand. The combination of too many fellow travelers and too few staff at take-off or destination can be frustrating. Luckily, you’ve got options: a day hotel from HotelsByDay or a flexible booking hotel from FlexBook for overnight delays.

Evidence shows that the Transportation Security Authority (TSA) is trying to hire new screeners, but travelers have reasons to worry about the summer rush. If you live in either Chicago or Atlanta metro areas, you know about long security lines. Everyone in line hates the wait. To manage expectations, some airlines recommend that travelers get to the airport three hours before their flight. Unfortunately, that might not be enough time during peak travel times or around the holidays. A day hotel can get you to the airport in time.

Worst Airports for Flight Delays

Business travelers know it’s always best to arrive at the airport with at least two hours to spare. According to the Department of Transportation (DOT) airport data (January 2017), East Texas Regional Airport in Longview, Texas has one of the worst percentages of on-time arrivals in the country. Passengers have a mere 25 percent probability of arriving at a destination on time. Fortunately, not too many people travel to Longview!

Unfortunately, it’s best to leave more than two hours’ of wait time at the major metro airports. DOT data shows that Newark Liberty International (EWR), Chicago O’Hare International (ORD), Boston Logan International (BOS), New York LaGuardia International (LGA), Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson International (ATL), Miami International (MIA), Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW), Minneapolis-St. Paul International (MSP), New York JFK International (JFK), Los Angeles International (LAX), and Northwest Arkansas Regional (XNA) are among that country’s worst airports in terms of arrivals and departures.  Many of these areas have day hotel partners, aka transit hotels, nearby.

Some interesting airport facts:

• The nation’s largest airport, Atlanta (ATL) has a meager 81.2 percent arrival ranking, placing 11th in the country’s top 70 metro area airports with at least a thousand landings per month.

• One of the busiest airports in the country, Los Angeles (LAX) has a paltry 67 percent arrival ranking.

• San Francisco (SFO) has a particularly poor arrival ranking. Just 58.8 percent of more than 13,200 flights arrived on time.

If you’re traveling to a major hub on business, you know it’s a good idea to remain flexible. Don’t forget to see the sights and enjoy a moment for yourself. HotelsByDay makes it easy to extend your stay. Flight Information board

Flight Information board

Leisure Destinations’ Arrival Times

Seasoned travelers know to expect delays to major metropolitan area destinations. However, some of the most popular ski resort destinations in the U.S. also had poor arrival times in January 2017: Yampa Valley (65.1 percent), Magic Valley (61.8 percent), Jackson Hole (64.5 percent), Sun Valley (57.2 percent), and Rogue Valley International (63.3 percent).

If you’re going to Orlando (MCO) for business or pleasure, your flight will arrive on time just 78.4 percent of the time. Your flight to Miami will arrive on time about 76 percent of the time. If you’re planning to party on Los Olas Boulevard in Fort Lauderdale, expect the same poor arrival percentage (about 76.6 percent).

A word to the wise: whatever your destination, make sure you have a day hotel to avoid losing your in-season hotel room. With HotelsByDay, you’re always covered if your flight arrives late.

Worst Airline Arrival Statistics

According to DOT data and the Wall Street Journal, airline service has improved over the past year. Fewer passengers filed complaints about airline service.

• Airline arrivals improved (+) seven percent last year: (+) 106,000 more flights got to their destinations on time.

• Total on-time rates rose (+) two percent to an average 80 percent (2016 vs. 2015 – GEE Operations Solutions).

• Fewer passenger bags were lost.

• Fewer flights were canceled (-) 21 percent in the period

Alaska Airlines (acquired Virgin America) earned the number one spot in punctuality (85 percent arrival rate). Spirit Airlines was the least punctual airline (74 percent arrival rate). Alaska Airlines was the most punctual airline for the fourth year in a row. Delta had the highest percentage of canceled flights and passenger bags lost but ranked number two in punctuality. American Airlines was ranked least reliable (last, next to last in most categories).

The most punctual airlines after Alaska and Delta were: Southwest (#3), United (#4), American (#5), Frontier (#6), Virgin (#7), JetBlue (#8), and Spirit (#9).

The news isn’t all good. Southwest and Delta reported major system failures. Alaska Airlines also had the highest number of passenger complaints, followed by Southwest (#2), Delta (#3), JetBlue (#4), and Virgin (#5).

Hotel Accommodations for Business or Pleasure

Although it’s clear that airlines are more punctual than in years past, travelers can’t control many variables involved in air travel. Thankfully, a day hotel makes it easy to stay calm and travel with ease. Did you know we recently released overnight booking!? Learn more

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