Start spreading the news, you’re in New York City for one day! And you’re about to see a lot of its startling highlights. Here’s a special, effective itinerary for your day stay in the city that never sleeps.

Times Square

new york city hotelLocated at the intersection of Broadway and Seventh Avenue streets, Times Square is a lively blend of billboards, tall buildings, shops, and busy crowds. The world’s most visited tourist attraction is not just a place, it’s an event, an alluring show with free admission. Its vibrant hype is absolutely amazing! It also is home to the best live theater experience in the world, check out a matinee or get ready for an evening performance with a day stay hotel.

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St. Patrick’s Cathedral
Walk 5 minutes and you’ll arrive in front of St. Patrick’s Cathedral, the country’s biggest cathedral. This Neo-Gothic-style decorated church is a spectacular faith symbol proudly standing in the heart of New York City. Both its outside and inside are simply wonderful and we promise that you will marvel at its astonishing beauty for a while!

Empire State Building

New York City hotel

You can get here from St. Patrick’s Cathedral very easily, by taking a 10-minutes public transport ride. Empire State Building is the symbol of New York and an Art Deco artwork, the most famous and see-worthy office building in the world. Take some time to praise its marble lobby. Then take an elevator up to the 86th floor, where you’ll have New York City at your feet. It is open until midnight, 365 days a year, and from above you can see at least five American states on a clear day.

Central Park
Now’s the perfect time for a little rest, and what better place than Central Park? It’s less than 15 minutes away (walking distance) from Empire State Building and it’s indeed as beautiful as they say. Walk through the park, admire the statues, enjoy a picnic, and delight in the lovely views.

You can always go downtown

Brooklyn Bridge
Brooklyn Bridge, 30 minutes away (by public transport) from Central Park, is next on our list. It’s one of the oldest bridges in the United States, it links Manhattan and Brooklyn and yes, it’s that exact bridge you admired in dozens of movies! Take a short walk from one end to the other and relish charming views of both neighborhoods.

Staten Island Ferry Harbor Cruise

NYC hotelYou are 15 minutes away from the Staten Island Ferry’s Terminal, so prepare yourself for a ‘cruise’ to remember! You can take the ferry to the harbor and admire Manhattan’s skyline from there. During this ride, you will have wonderful views of the Statue of liberty, Ellis Island, New Jersey, Staten Island, and Governor’s Island. Oh, did we mention that there’s no admission fee?

The Financial District

Wall Street
Stroll around Wall Street, the place where transactions of billions of dollars are made per hour. Gaze at the imposing buildings surrounding you and think about how lucky you are to admire one of the world’s most famous streets. Also known as New York’s financial district, Wall Street is associated with ambition and wealth in America, so if you’re wondering why you’re suddenly feeling an urge to get things done, the explanation’s simple: this place’s vibe is all about success and motivation.

Charging Bull
Only 5 minutes of relaxed walking will take you to the Charging Bull bronze sculpture (also known as Wall Street Bull or the Bowling Green Bull), one of the most iconic symbols of the Financial District. The statue stands for a bull market, a market that is continuously rising. It is one of the sites that people take pictures of the most, so this bull has heard “cheese!” plenty of times. There’s a renowned myth saying that touching the statue’s golden orbs dangling between its back legs brings good luck, so if you were wondering why so many tourists are lining up to touch the bull’s behind, here is the explanation.

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On the whole, whoever says that you can’t see much in one day, should definitely read this guide! For more New York City events and fun stuff to do, click here. Regarding accommodation, there are plenty of New York City hotel options to choose from. Find one for your next day stay.

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