Yoga is a unique and interesting form of exercise that has become quite popular all over the world. Its unique method to athleticism gives you a wide variety of benefits, including exercise, pain reduction, relaxation, and balance. This summer, what if you could combine the benefits of yoga with the exciting views of the world? The art of yoga is not only a historical sport that dates back to 1500 B.C. or earlier, it also allows you to connect with travel. Take your yoga experience to the next level while you travel the world with yoga.

Full Moon Yoga Experience in Dubai

Gloria - Yoga Pose-14

Full Moon Yoga experiences are meant to release negative energies from the body. Their intent is to create harmony and bring you closer to everything that nature has to offer. This yoga experience is right in the heart of Dubai and overlooks the beautiful waterway of Al Barari. Spend your evening connecting with this beautiful city and then head to the Abidos Hotel Apartment A Barsha of Dubai. This hotel will expand your relaxation experience with an onsite fitness center, spa services, and a peaceful hot tub that overlooks the exciting city.

Himalyan foothills in northern India

This traditional Hatha yoga experience intends to balance the body, mind, and spirit. You will experience the serene environment of India, while also taking in the sights of the dedicated Maya Devi Temple. After yoga, spend the day at the local Bara Bazar, where you can experience India’s culture at its finest. Take a relaxing break in between the many sights at the Hotel Aananda. You can end your relaxing and mediating day with the sound proof rooms, upscale room service, and complementary laundry services.

Abel Tasman National Park in New Zealand

For many, New Zealand is situated on the other side of the world. This makes it an even more exciting as an opportunity to travel the world with yoga. Imagine spending 7 days on the beach, learning new relaxation methods and taking in the beautiful coastlines of the Pacific Ocean on the island of New Zealand. This quiet retreat mixes hiking with yoga for the perfect getaway. The quiet and technology free week will leave you entirely rejuvenated. After completing your retreat, head to the other side of the island to continue your week of self-improvement. The Intercontinental Wellington is right in the neighborhood of the best attractions that New Zealand has to offer. Here, you’ll find dining, museums, and upscale hotel services.

Les Docks Yoga Experience in Paris

If you plan to travel the world with yoga, you simply cannot skip the city of Paris. Paris is known as the city of lights. Experience these beautiful lights while you take in a relaxing yoga trip at the Cite de la Mode et du Design. This Wanderlust inspired experience is surrounded by numerous entertainment opportunities, all atop the largest terrace in Paris. Before you head to this entertaining event, which takes place in the evenings, spend your day at the Louvre Richelieu. This hotel is the best day cation option in the city with complementary concierge services, an onsite mini bar, and free baggage storage.

High Roller Yoga in Las Vegas

The High Roller at Night

Who ever said that Las Vegas could only be experienced in the dark and crowded casinos? Take the relaxing benefits of yoga with you on your Las Vegas trip. Become a high roller as you climb the High Roller Observation Wheel, some 550 feet above the Las Vegas Strip. You can take in the famous Vegas skyline, while working on your yoga practice. After this one of a kind experience, head to the La Quinta Inn of Las Vegas to unwind and prepare for the Vegas nightlife. This hotel is central to everything the city has to offer. 

The Shanti Retreat in Kingston, Ontario

Canada has a lot to offer yoga enthusiasts too. The Shanti Retreat takes you to your own private island for a secluded beach yoga experience. Wolfe Island can only be reached by a ferry. Once there, you’ll have over 11 acres to further your yoga practice. While you wait to board the ferry to the island, be sure to visit the Holiday Inn in Kingston. You can schedule a day stay visit on the beautiful waterfront property. This hotel will give you its own set of island boat tours and trolley tours while you prepare for your yoga getaway.

Bryant Park in New York City

You don’t have to travel out of the country to experience the unique backdrops of yoga. Bryant Park attracts hundreds of yogis every week. This downtown scenic park is located directly in Midtown Manhattan and it can be the perfect relaxation on your busy New York trip. If you need a mid-day yoga break, consider the Library Hotel. Just a couple block walk from Bryant Park and you can turn your relaxation into motivation with high level business rooms, wine and cheese receptions, and even an onsite poetry garden.

Crater Yoga in Midway, UT

Crater Yoga

Crater Yoga- Travel the World With Yoga.

You don’t have to travel too far for this extremely unique yoga experience. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to stand inside of a crater? What about take a yoga class inside of a crater? This might be the ultimate definition of a unique yoga experience and is sure to be a highlight of your travels. These therapeutic waters are the only warm water scuba destination in the United States. Yoga goers can bring or rent a paddle board and practice their moves in the 90 degree water. On your way to the crater, arrange a day visit at the Radisson, SLC Airport where you can visit the local historical center or order some food service for added energy for your hike to the crater.

Travel the World With Yoga: A modern Twist on an Old Practice

The art of yoga has taken a modern twist into something that is much more than some deep stretching in the corner of a warehouse turned yoga studio. Today, the best yoga instructors are traveling the world to provide you with exciting and unique yoga experiences. Don’t forget to visit for a day stay hotel room to prepare for and provide you with daily comforts while you travel the world with yoga.

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