This blog requires some imagination. However, if you’re a frequent traveler you will not have to suspend your beliefs for long. At one time or another, we’ve all been victims to the pitfalls of travel. Imagine you can take an unforeseen delay and turn the situation from dire to desirable with a few clicks. HotelsByDay is the premier service that can do just that by booking a daystay hotel with one of our trusted partners. You’ve just turned your delay into a wonderful daycay.

The many ways a daycay can save the day!

Imagine you are waiting for your flight during a layover and you hear the most deflating that you’re going to be stranded at the airport.

Or you are all set to go back home after a long business trip but are forced to extend your stay due to an impromptu meeting.

Imagine you are about to take a ride back home after an enjoyable road trip with family but are derailed due to bad weather.

Imagine you are forced to cancel a long trip to a far-away location due to lack of paid time off but still have two free days all to yourself.

Each of these situations has uncertainty as an underlying factor. Uncertain circumstances can spoil your travel plans at the last moment. Though one may plan every single aspect of a trip to the last minute, there can be major or minor changes along the way. Factors like weather are never under our control, however, these delays can be tackled in a new way.

A new solution to an age-old problem

Instead of spending time complaining, we have exciting alternatives to our rescue. If a change in plans gives you serendipitous free time, you can enjoy an exciting daycay in the bargain. Look for a same day hotel on HotelsbyDay and have some fun. With flexible options such as early check in hotels and late check out hotels, there’s no additional cost of overnight booking. As HotelsbyDay partners with some of the best half day stay hotels in town, they allow you to book just what you need.

With free time on your hands, such flexible options are perfect to save your troubles. Reserve a day booking hotel and start exploring. Enjoy the amenities, check out the neighborhood and relax during your unexpected holiday. A daycation is an economical way to make the most of an unexpected delay. Each of the day use hotels featured by HotelsbyDay contains descriptions giving you choices as per your taste.

Go ahead & live a little

From gyms to spas, Jacuzzis to swimming pools, as most of the hotels provide such relaxing options, there is definitely nothing to complain about. Try out the delicious cuisine in the onsite restaurant, indulge in room service or simply soak up cocktails at the bar, there are several options to engage your senses!


A daycay without any agenda is the best way to celebrate the holiday. As the day proceeds you can pick between outdoor fun or indoor relaxation. HotelsbyDay partner with several intraday stay hotels located at convenient spots around the country. As there are many options near major airports, it is convenient to book a transit hotel and reach your destination quickly. Many transit hotels offer free shuttle service between the hotel and airport.

More fun + less stress = A Happy Daycay

Such unexpected mini vacations can recharge your batteries, making you enthusiastic about the routine ahead. As these holidays fall into your lap without any prior notice, they spell out more fun with fewer hassles. When you plan a vacation in advance, you end up stressing over locations, hotels, reservations and itinerary. But, with unplanned daycations the only stress is about choosing a suitable dayuse hotel from the list on HotelsbyDay. Then explore the unlimited fun to be had!

Follow these simple steps and turn your travel woes into memorable moments:

  1. Access HotelsbyDay on your smart phones or laptops
  2. Enter your destination
  3. Browse through the hotels in the neighborhood
  4. Read the description carefully
  5. Pick your choice and book the room
  6. Enjoy the amenities and services of the hotel
  7. Explore the neighborhood and add to your experiences.

So, next time when uncertainty hits you, make sure to use HotelsbyDay and gain maximum benefits from this flexibility!

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