If you haven’t checked us out on Youtube, you definitely should after our latest video! Not only was it produced right here in NYC at one of our featured hotels in the Flatiron District, The Paul, but it also features two of our former staff members! In case you aren’t keen to using Youtube, we’ve decided to sum it up for you in an article. So here’s why you should book a hotel by day.

 1. Early Check-In


Ever had a flight land too early for your afternoon business meeting? How about a long layover in the morning? Many hotels have started flocking to our platform to accommodate travelers like you who operate in non-tradition 3pm-10am time bands! With our service, you can check in anytime from 7AM on in time bands from 4 – 9 hours depending on the city of booking! That’s the convenience of a hotel by day.

2. Relax in Your Room


After a long flight or a monotonous meeting, sometimes you just need to relax and unwind. With HotelsByDay that relaxation is just one click away. Our large variety of hotels allows you to find the perfect fit in the city of your stay. You can even find a hotel when you can ‘treat yourself’ with spa treatments, a nice meal, or nearby shopping.

3. Be Productive


Sometimes you just need to get away from your normal work routine, and with HotelsByDay you can definitely do that! Whether it be a trip to get away from your bustling office, or an important assignment while on a business trip, HBD can find you the perfect workspace. This also includes conference rooms so if you need to take your business outside the office you can rely on us for your needs!

4. Order Room Service


Many of our hotels have fantastic restaurants and bars in them, but on a day of post-meeting relaxation or general leisure why should you have to go all the way to the lobby? Well, you definitely do not if you book with us. Enjoy a delicious breakfast spread like the one pictured above at the Paul Hotel or grab a late lunch at SOUTHGATE the restaurant of the JW Marriot Essex House. Whatever taste your palette is craving we have a hotel by day that can fulfill it.

5. Meet with Friends


In the city for business, but some old college friends want to catch up? Why not meet with them in the bar of one of the many hotels on our site that have them. Book with us, and you’ll have time to refresh after your meeting before heading out to see old chums. Don’t want to hit the bar at the hotel? No problem! HBD offers hotels that are close to many restaurants, bars, shopping centers, stadiums, etc. So make plans for a game, shopping, or a drink. Trust us you’ll have time.


So book your next or first dayroom with HotelsByDay, and Take Control of Your Day with us!

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