Attracting visitors from all around the globe, Los Angeles is a sprawling city with tons of places to see. Popular tourist attractions like Hollywood Walk of Fame, Downtown, or Rodeo Drive are nice to cross off your bucket list. However, the real essence of the city is kept by less-crowded, delightful spots. Curious already? Here are 10 things to do during your Los Angeles daycation that will help you experience the metropolis’ real, wonderful deal.

1. Get impressed by Palos Verdes

Sporting some stunning views, Palos Verdes is a picturesque gem you’ll certainly fall in love with. The place is sprinkled with interesting museums, fascinating history, mesmerizing nature, and a charming glass church. This piece of heaven is one of my favorite spots to explore each and every time I’m in Los Angeles.

Driving and walking around, take your time to delight in the plethora of beckoning sights surrounding you. First, head to the beautiful hills that overlook the blue, breathtaking Pacific Ocean. Next, stop by the Point San Vicente Lighthouse and Point Vicente Interpretive Center and learn about the Peninsula’s history.

Don’t miss the Wayfarers Chapel, a beautiful glass chapel accompanied by a lovely garden and settled on the gorgeous coast. You cannot help but be enchanted by how this church blends with nature, yet has its own unique presence.

If you’re up to a nice hike during your Los Angeles daycation, Abalone Cove Shoreline Park & Ecological Reserve has some rewarding sceneries along the strolls. The views from the cliffs are outstanding, the tide pools are astonishing, and, if you’re lucky enough, you’ll get the chance to see some sea lions fishing in the surf. For more sea and surf, The Cadillac Hotel is right near the water.

2. Visit the colorful Korean Bell of Friendship

los angeles tripStrolling around and taking in the grandeur of the Korean Bell of Friendship is calming, pleasant, and fascinating. To get there, head to the San Pedro neighborhood and stop right at Angel’s Gate Park. Housed in a stone pavilion and serving as a symbol of the strong friendship between the two countries, this impressive bronze bell also proudly acknowledges the brave Korean War veterans and commemorates the U.S. Independence Bicentennial. The pretty gem was donated back in 1976 by the people of the Republic of Korea to the people of Los Angeles and still rests peacefully on the knoll, letting you enjoy some great views of the sea terraces of San Pedro hill, Catalina Channel, Long Beach, and Los Angeles Harbor.

Visiting this monument will allow you experience a cool splash of culture, learn about its unique history, and quietly admire its wonderful painted details. Not to mention the vista of the Pacific Ocean – simply mind-blowing! Recharge at the Ramada Los Angeles Downtown West during your day stay in Koreatown.

3. Have fun on the Sunset Strip

The legendary Sunset Strip upholds a worldwide reputation as “the place to be” in terms of nightlife hotspots. But there are a bunch of things to do and see here before sunset, as well. Renowned bars, comedy clubs, and great restaurants are waiting for you to experience their lively vibe, to rock on, and glam it up while you have a refreshing drink or taste a delicious meal.

Sunset Strip, its atmosphere, and history have been featured in several movies for a reason. Back in the 1920s, the strip served as a home to gangsters. Several awesome bands have started their decades-long career here. Hollywood royalty has been continuously using it as a playground, as well. Nowadays, you’ll always find a legendary setting to suit your style and mood. Trust me, you won’t regret it!

4. Try different cuisines

Los Angeles foodWanna hear some flavorful good news? Prepare for the very best, ’cause Los Angeles is ideal for spoiling your taste buds! From Thai, Vietnamese, Japanese, Chinese, Ethiopian (yes, Ethiopian!), Indian, to Mexican, Argentinian, Italian, French, and so many others, you will basically find tons of cuisines you can try during your trip. And hey, let’s not forget about the classic burger and fries, appetizing hot dogs, sweet donuts, or hearty breakfasts you can delight yourself with at several local diners and mom and pop eateries. Just go with an open mind!

5. Griffith all the way

los angeles hotelGo up the awe-inspiring Hollywood hills and spoil your eyes with some astonishing panoramas of the city and of the renowned Hollywood sign on your way to the Griffith Observatory. This peaceful walk will give you the opportunity to capture L.A.’s authentic splendor. Once you’ve reached your destination, take some time to admire the famous building and enjoy its fascinating astronomical exhibits. After you’re done gazing through the telescopes, go outside and savor even more views. Does the setting look familiar? Well, you saw it in movies such as Back to the Future, Terminator, Van Helsing, and Charlie’s Angels 2. Cool, huh?

6. Get to know Olvera Street

Wanna have a peek at the romantic Old Los Angeles? Lucky you – this flamboyant street (the oldest one in L.A.) is definitely worth a visit! With cheerful souvenir shops and welcoming places where you can eat yummy Mexican food, Olvera Street represents the heart of the city since the Spaniards’ times. This bright, joyful pedestrian spot puts on display interesting pieces of history and reveals a different face of the city. Olvera Steet dates since 1930 and its main goal is to show and preserve the fascinating trades and customs of early California. Check out this alluring place and fall in love with its happy gift shops, interesting old structures, dreamy painted stalls, and cozy cafes in one block of pure Mexican ethnicity.

7. Fall in love with the Getty Museum

Los Angeles Getty centerGetty Center and Getty Villa are absolute must-sees of your Los Angeles trip. Both places boast impressive art collections dating from the Middle Ages to the very present, including Indian-specific artifacts from the western part of the United States, as well as art items from Greece and Rome. Getty Center will let you stare with admiration at works signed by Van Gogh, Monet, Cezanne, and other renowned artists. While you’re there, feel free to contemplate the architectural awesomeness of the six buildings and gardens. Besides the plethora of artifacts, Getty Villa will also provide you with marvelous views of the ocean and an inspiring surrounding to praise. The Hotel Angeleno is the perfect respite for this elegant Los Angeles daycation.

8. Check out Manhattan Beach

Rarely crowded, yet always dynamic, Manhattan Beach is located in a traditional surf neighborhood, far away from the hustle and bustle of the city. At the end of its picturesque pier, you can visit an entertaining aquarium (free entrance) and continue your stroll on the sandy beach, getting up close and personal with the gracious seagulls. If you take a good look around, you’ll also notice the beauty of the houses surrounding you – quirky or luxurious, they all have a unique flair. Don’t miss a minute of the action with the Shade Hotel Manhattan Beach.

9. Have a blast at Disneyland

Los Angeles DisneylandThis magical theme park need no introduction, so go ahead, enter the fascinating world of Walt Disney, and immerse in your favorite Disney tales! Hop on the rides and enjoy the stories coming to life around you. If you’re flying in, Embassy Suites LAX North is a great Los Angeles day stay hotel.


10. Wander around Old Pasadena

The eclectic old town of Pasadena has a lot to offer: outstanding architecture, pedestrian areas, enchanting parks, great places to eat, cute shops, and so much more! It’s an exciting place to hang out and have a break from the crowds. One of the best things to do here is to loop around the amazing City Hall and take a walk through the open courtyard.

Alright! So there you have them: 10 awesome things to do in the City of Angels. Now you’re ready for an amazing experience! And talking about accommodation, there are a bunch of Los Angeles hotel options to choose from. Book your Los Angeles daycation and discover more that this famous destination has to offer.

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