Get ready to recharge your batteries with a daycation!

Celebrate No Brainer Day this February 27th by booking  a halfday stay hotel with Hotels By Day. You’ll be done in minutes and you’ll have all day to spend not thinking about anything in honor of No Brainer Day. The best part? No Brainer Day falls on a Monday this year. Can anyone say weekday brunch in bed at the end of a 3-day weekend?

We all take days off, but we usually spend them thinking about what we have to do in the days to come. That’s why we all need more No Brainer Days: to take a break from thinking and worrying so much. A real respite from the world is in the works with a halfday stay hotel.

Stressing out, overworking and overthinking are some of the worst things you can do to your brain, kind of like playing contact football without a helmet. Your brain needs more downtime than you think, and this upcoming No Brainer Day is the perfect excuse to give your brain just what it needs: time off. Enjoying this No Brainer Day in a dayuse hotel with Hotels By Day will actually help you be more productive when you switch your brain back on and get back to work.

No Brainer Day is serious fun.

Research shows you’ll be happier and more productive if you take more time off. Keep that in mind this No Brainer Day. In a controlled experiment, ten executives accustomed to working every evening were split into two groups: one kept on the same schedule, the other took one evening off a week. Guess which group reported better work-life balance, peace of mind and higher productivity? You guessed it: that’s a no-brainer.


Americans work more hours per year than any other people, but when it comes to productivity per hour, we lag behind most other industrialized countries. One reason for that is we’re not just working, we’re overworking. We’re getting more, but not the best out of ourselves. More hours don’t always add up to more work, and working harder doesn’t always mean working better. Research shows that the brain’s “default mode network,” all the stuff it does when it’s not “doing” anything, is just as important to learning, creativity, and memory as all the hard work we make it do during the workday. Daydreaming, meditating and staring out the window are crucial for a healthy brain.

But No Brainer Day shouldn’t be just one day a year. It’s important you take at least one day out of the week to disconnect from stress and responsibility to let your brain relax and recharge. Fortunately, there are plenty of deals from Hotels By Day’s halfday stay hotel partners.

Now’s the time to get a hotel for February 27 and enjoy this year’s No Brainer Day. Don’t stress, simply book your hotel, then turn off your brain (and your smartphone) and relax! No-Brainer Pro-Tip: book a day stay at one of our many partner hotels with all-day spas and really give your brain (and your body) a break. Enjoy your short stay!

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Scott Dylan graduated from the University of California at Santa Cruz with a B.A. in History, a Minor in Economics, and a firm belief that financial knowledge is a human right. When Scott's not writing about financial matters, he's traveling to new places, cooking strange foods and getting to know good people.