The title of this interesting concept says it all: HotelsByDay empowers people-on-the-go with customizable convenience.

Imagine you are away from home on a business trip and you still have a few hours before the meeting. Wouldn’t it be great to be able to check into a daystay hotel? You can relax while gearing up for the big task ahead. Or think about a day off to yourself. Wouldn’t it be nice to take a mini-vacation via a day booking hotel? You can enjoy the pleasures of a daycation by exploring hotel facilities such as spa, fitness center, bar or the swimming pool. This novel concept is the brainchild of a startup company “HotelsbyDay.” With a convenient app, this facility has changed the face of traditional tourism and hospitality.


Changing trends in the hotel experience.

When we think about hotel booking, we have been restricted by the policy of an overnight stay. As hotel rooms are designed to offer us comfort and convenience, it is always thought about as a night affair. Traditionally, the prime reservation focus revolves around a comfortable night stay. But this limitation often lead to empty rooms and unoccupied inventory. While weekends and holidays are busy with nightly guests, weekdays often go empty. As hotels struggle to fill empty spaces, it poses a big challenge. Since guests are never presented with any flexibility of dayuse hotels, they cannot think about this option at all.

By recognizing this gap in the industry, New York-based startup ‘HotelsbyDay’ entered into the circuit. The company dramatically changed the trends in hospitality. By partnering with hotels in major cities, this shared economy based platform serves both customers and hotels. Guests can book the hotel for a half day stay, while hotels can manage their inventory in an efficient manner. While the idea of booking a hotel for a few hours sounds exciting, their cost model is equally tempting too. As these hotels can be booked by a few hours or a half day, the charges are calculated accordingly. This makes it worth the amount, as you pay for a short while and utilize the services as per your need.

Make the most of your trip with day use hotels & flexible booking hotels.

The traditional system of check-in and check-out is often a hindrance to our plans. This trouble is solved by the flexible model of day use hotels as you can select early check in or late check out. These options are perfect for professionals who travel to different cities and have breaks within their schedule. Instead of waiting at the airports, such flexible day use hotels are all you need to be on track. One can use these hotels for a workout, quick nap and still freshen up, before resuming with the important tasks of the day. Besides, day booking hotels are a good means to explore the city, relax for a while, pamper yourself and enjoy the short stay. Call them short day hotels or intraday hotels, this convenience can allow you to be completely flexible.



Dayuse hotels require minimum commitment for maximum enjoyment!

Many times, we need a break from our routine schedule, yet it is impossible to afford the luxury of several holidays. As a typical vacation to a new city or state will demand an investment of a few days, such plans rarely materialize. But with intraday stay hotels, we can simply take a day off. Use it for sleeping, relaxing, watching television or swimming in the pool, the pleasure of a short vacation is possible because of your city’s same day hotels!

Day booking hotels can also benefit themselves in the bargain. As otherwise vacant rooms are utilized in such hotels by the hour, they have nothing to lose. ‘HotelsbyDay’ is a convenient app for the customers. Guests can book the hotel by the hour or for short day as per their requirement with simple steps. Day booking does not need payment right away. The payment has to be made at the hotel desk directly. Besides, there are flexible options with respect to cancellation too. ‘HotelsbyDay’ truly acts as a perfect platform between hotels and customers, taking care of their needs in a practical way.

So next time you want to relax or simply spend a daycation, look out for day use hotels and enjoy the perks!

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