The sharing economy and the “internet of things” continue to make our lives cheaper and more convenient in a number of arenas, from Uber and Lyft transforming transportation to Sprig and Munchery changing the way we eat. At HotelsByDay, we’re undertaking a similar mission with hotel rooms, connecting people with unused daytime space at popular hotels, and saving them money while we’re at it. Curious how we do it? Let’s take a look at the who, what, when, where, why, and how.

Who Our Partners Are

HotelsByDay works with an ever-growing number of hotel partners in cities across the United States to give our travelers their choice of accommodations that best match their specific needs. For hotels that are interested in partnering with HotelsByDay, feel free to connect with us and learn how you could generate additional revenue by maximizing unused intra-day inventory. 

What is an IntraDay stay?

An intra-day stay is a daytime reservation of a hotel room or suite. While there are any number of places to stay overnight, HotelsByDay fills the undeserved niche of short-term daylong hotel stays.

Whether guests are looking for hotel meeting rooms, a place to rest on a layover, or just a home base in the city for the day, we have the perfect match waiting for you.

When Can You Make a Reservation?

Realize last minute that you need a place to stay for the day? HotelsByDay let’s guests place same day reservations so you’re never left without a solution. There are a range of time period options to suit your needs, and the rates are always affordable no matter when you book.

Prefer to plan a little farther in advance? HotelsByDay also lets guest’s book rooms and suites months in advance, so you can rest assured that you’ll have a guaranteed spot for that important meeting ahead of time.

Where Are We Located?

Most of our hotel partners are located in the New York City, Chicago, and Philadelphia metro areas, but we’re rapidly expanding and adding new hotel partners every day to best serve our users’ needs. Most of our partners are in convenient proximity to relevant business and leisure travel sites of interest like airports, conference halls, and shopping & entertainment districts.

Why You Should Be Interested

HotelsByDay revolutionizes the way guests approach hotel day stays, giving them the comfort and flexibility of having their own personal space in the city.

It’s incredibly easy to book a room online or with your mobile device. Simple select a city and the date of your stay, place your reservation with no credit card charges, and show up to the hotel at the time of your stay with a copy of your confirmation. It’s fast, it’s easy, and you don’t pay a cent until you check out at the end of the day.

How It All Works

HotelsByDay helps match hotels with extra daytime space and the guests who need it using our secure and confidential booking portal and patent pending sales channel technology. So the next time you want to take a daycation for some shopping in the city, browse hotel meeting rooms for an important pitch, or get ready for a show in style, HotelsByDay is ready for you!

Learn more about HotelsByDay intra-day stay hotel stays here, email us at, or give us a call at +1.855.925.2530 today. Happy travels!


Book a room at The Savoy Hotel On South Beach

The Cadillac Hotel

Book a room at The Cadillac Hotel near Venice Beach

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Yannis Moati

Founder at HotelsByDay
Yannis has a rich background of 15 years in travel, from guiding tours in Europe at a young age, to co-founding an exotic travel agency, and then directing a New York-based global tour operator company. Throughout his professional life, for both his clients and personal travels, Yannis had to always pull strings to get a more personalized hotel check-in or check-out times. Frustration turned to illumination, witnessing first-hand the important customer behavioral shifts of the ‘on-demand’ economy: something could be done in boosting hotel revenues by selling uncommitted inventory by day.