Minimalism has been dominating the top lifestyle trends for the past several years. It’s right up there with veganism. More and more people are choosing to live with less. Some simply choosing to declutter the house and others going full-on minimalist by selling everything they own and living in RVs and tiny houses. Whether you’re an aspiring minimalist or not, there’s definitely much to be learned from those who wear that title with pride.

When it comes to packing for your next trip, minimalism can teach you a lot about packing light and only bringing what you truly need. Use these tips to channel your inner minimalist while preparing for your upcoming trip. Whether you’re planning a day stay in New York City or a Los Angeles daycation, proper planning and HotelsByDay, will get you there with ease.

Check the weather

Before you get vacation happy and run out to buy a whole new wardrobe specifically for your trip (a minimalist no-no, by the way), do some research on the weather. But don’t just check the forecast for when you’ll be there. Be sure to also read up on the averages for years prior so that you’re prepared even if the forecast for your dates ends up being completely off. Once you’ve checked the weather, you’ll be able to pare down your wardrobe to what’s actually appropriate to bring on your trip.


Pick out specific outfits 

It’s so easy to fall into the trap of just stuffing your entire closet into your suitcase. We always think that vacation is the time we’ll actually wear that tulle skirt that’s been sitting in the back of our closets since we first bought it after trying it on in a dimly lit dressing room five years ago. But, we’ve been lying to ourselves and we all know that skirt will never be worn. On vacation, it’s best to stick to your tried and true favorite clothing items. So, how would a minimalist solve this problem? By picking out specific outfits for each day and sticking to those pre-planned outfits. It’s a good rule of thumb to bring the same amount of outfits as days you’ll be gone plus two. Bring two extra outfits in case the weather changes or you decide to go on a nice dinner out.

Packing cubes are your best friend

Now that it’s time to start packing, you’ll want to make the items you are bringing as compact as possible. You can do this by using packing cubes. These are godsends when it comes to organization which is what make them minimalist-approved. You can find a good set of packing cubes at Target, Amazon or other online shops. To use them, roll or fold your clothes and place them one-by-one into the packing cube. Once it’s full, zip it up and place it in your suitcase. After you finish with all of your clothes, you’ll see that you won’t have to deal with the usual problem of overstuffed luggage. You can thank us later.

Take out disposable items that you can buy later

When it comes to toiletries, you can oftentimes get away with eliminating a lot of what you packed. If you’re staying in a hotel, shampoo, conditioner and soap will most likely be provided for you. Do a quick Google search before you leave for your destination so that you can easily locate the nearest drugstores in the case that you can’t get what you need at your hotel. If you must bring your own toiletries, try bringing travel-sized bottles of everything.

And you’re off! Congratulations on being one step closer to calling yourself a minimalist and on not having to drag an overweight suitcase through the airport. Pair your minimalist packing with an awesome daycation, the minimalist version of an expensive, overwrought vacation. Find a day stay hotel for your next trip here

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