Do you consider yourself an ultimate foodie? Do you travel with the intention of trying new foods? The United States has endless opportunities for food enthusiasts. Some cities  pull in hundreds of thousands of foodies to try their unique dishes. Below is a compiled list of some of the best food cities across the country. Join me as we take a food trip around the United States. Plan a day trip, weekend trip, or go on a week long trip, stuffing yourself with some of the best food the country has to offer!

New York City

We start our food trip in New York City as it is the most populous city in the country. With so many people to feed, it is no surprise that there are so many food options to choose from. You will find a wide variety of food dishes throughout the city, including the New York cheesecake, corned beef, and the Italian ice dessert. You could realistically plan an entire vacation in the city with the goal of eating a new dish every day.

The Aloft Wall Street New York Hotel puts you right in the middle of it all. Located at 49-53 Ann St, New York City, you are in the middle of New York City, but the hotel overlooks the Manhattan Bridge. This gives you quick access to Brooklyn, further expanding your food choices.

New Orleans


You simply cannot plan a food trip to the big easy without tasting the traditional food of the south. Many restaurants around the country have actually been inspired by New Orleans’s unique food dishes, specifically their spices. For a true New Orleans’s foodie experience, make sure to check gumbo, jambalaya, crawfish, and muffulettas off your list.  The spices are really what make it unique to NOLA. Make sure you have plenty of water and enjoy some of the best southern food of your life.

Need a day break in between meals? The Hotel St. Pierre is not only in a great location, but is a historic hotel within the city.  It is within walking distance to Café Du Monde, a quaint 24 hour coffee shop, giving you the best NOLA breakfast dishes, including sugar covered beignets and coffee au lait.


The state of Washington is well known for its abundance growth of apples. If you enjoy apples, you will never run out of Seattle dishes to try. Salmon is also very popular and fairly easy to catch, making it one of the most popular dishes of the city. Seattle, while quite known for its food dishes, has also made a name for its craft beer and coffee. If you enjoy a crisp beer or strong shot of coffee with your meal, you won’t find anything like the city of Seattle. Enjoy tea? You’ll also want to enjoy the cities large supply of Bubble Tea.

San Francisco

The Bay Area is often known for its consistent weather and the famous Golden Gate Bridge. The close proximity to the Northern Pacific ocean makes the city a great place for fishermen’s stews, including crab and shrimp. The fishermen stew mixes seafood dishes in a unique way and is an early San Francisco historic dish. Not into seafood? You might find a walk through the Chinatown portion of San Francisco to be fulfilling.

The Club Quarters Hotel in San Francisco is the perfect day stop between meals. It is also within walking distance to the San Francisco ferry and the Embarcadero. The Embarcadero waterfront is home to all the food and entertainment you could want in one location, making it the perfect one stop food trip.



Everyone has heard of a Chicago style hot dog or the even more famous Chicago style pizza. The history of the city makes it one of the best food trips in the country. Some of the most famous city restaurants date back to the early 1900’s, with some of them opened in the late 1800’s. Let their long history speak for their great food dishes! You’ll find authentic Chicago food downtown, Chinese food in Pilsen Village, or Canadian Poutine at Wrigley Field. You could almost take an entire food trip just throughout the city of Chicago.

Take a much needed food trip break at the DoubleTree by Hilton. Located directly in the Magnificent Mile, you fill find that you can easily walk to all the food choices you desire. Don’t forget to take a walk along Lake Michigan as you munch on your Chicago style hot dog. There just isn’t a better way to take in the city.


Although Detroit is commonly known as the Motor City, they have much more to offer than the latest vehicles. Iconic food dishes in Detroit include Coney dogs, cherry anything, and the Detroit style square pizza. While the Detroit style pizza has some similarities to the Chicago style pizza, true food enthusiasts will be able to tell that the differences go beyond the shape. The city of Detroit is currently on an upswing and coming with it, are many new and exciting food options to try.


Cuban sandwich in Miami at David's Cafe

Miami’s close proximity to Cuba has inspired its food dishes. While the trade and travel agreements to Cuba are constantly changing, you can still get a taste of authentic Cuba right in the city of Miami. You’ll find Cuban sandwiches covered with fruits, orange juice, fish, chicken, and pretty much any other topping you can dream up. When you’re tired of the Cuban sandwich, you’ll find Colombian hot dogs, Cuban fish sandwiches, and the key lime pie. Miami is just a couple hours from the Florida Keys, who are credited with the creation of the Key Lime Pie. Something about it just pairs perfectly with Cuban Florida food dishes.

Relax right in the middle of the Miami, overlooking the Atlantic Ocean at The Savoy Hotel at 425 Ocean Drive.  Because Miami is also known for its carefully crafted cocktails, you’ll want a hotel room to take a break, at least for a couple of hours. This hotel is close to shopping and even has an on-site sun deck to sleep off your food coma.


A food trip around the world would simply not be complete without a Philly cheesesteak. While many cities attempt to replicate the cheesesteak, no one can do it like Philadelphia can. In addition to the famous cheesesteak, you will also find pierogis, molasses pies, and Hersey chocolates. The city is home to the famous Hersey’s chocolate bar, after all!

Spend a couple of hours in the cute little Rittenhouse hotel, located at 1715 Rittenhouse Square, directly in Philadelphia. The hotel is situated directly in the middle of all of the best dining options, whether you prefer fine dining, fast casual food, or grabbing a quick authentic Philly cheesesteak from a local foodtruck.

Washington, D.C.

Washington, D.C. is the countries’ center of politics and history. Regardless of your political affiliation, don’t let politics keep you away from some of the best food in the country. You can’t go wrong with chili bowls, half smokes, and a variety of other Ethiopian dishes. Venture over to the Chesapeake Bay for soft shell crab sandwiches. You are unlikely to find these unique dishes in other cities around the country, making this a necessary stop on your food trip.

Filling Ethiopian dishes draining your energy? Stop at the Club Quarters Hotel in Washington, D.C., located at 839 17th St NW for an energizing nap in between meals. The hotel itself is nearby many historical landmarks, both political and otherwise, making it the perfect sightseeing opportunity in between meals.


Fried Catfish

We finish out our food trip at the home of country music. What does country food consist of? Well, it turns out that Nashville has quite a mix of food choices, making it the perfect stop for foodies of all preferences. Don’t leave the city of Nashville without first trying fried catfish, southern country ham, and butter soaked biscuits!  You also simply can’t visit the south without getting your hands on some mouthwatering southern smoked ribs. No one makes ribs quite like the south.

Plan Your Food Trip With HotelsByDay

The United States may be known for freedom, democracy, and opportunity. But, we have so much more to offer than that. The United States takes a variety of cultures and food dishes and mixes them together into some of the best and most unique food dishes around the world. One of the best parts of traveling within the country is to experience the different food dishes that each city has to offer. HotelsByDay will help with your food trip travels. Book a room for the day or even for just a couple of hours in between your favorite meals! Check out more great foodie destinations, click here.

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