Washington, D.C. has a special place in the history of United States. A capital city with a sense of national pride, Washington, D.C. is the hub of numerous government buildings, offices and headquarters. One cannot forget about the White House that draws tourists from far and wide. This puts the city on the world map with respect to tourism. Distinct seasons, picturesque landscape, and spectacular architecture make the city a premier daycation destination. This city is not famous for its official touch alone. More than 50 museums make a D.C. day stay truly worth planning.

Capital of Culture

From history to arts, culture to science, geography to politics, these museums cover a wide range of topics to offer something for everyone. One such world famous museum is the Smithsonian Institution. This complex contains more than 17 museum buildings along with art galleries and a zoo. Every museum has an interesting story in itself that makes it impossible to ignore. As one wanders from one building to another, several unique aspects unfold in the process.

While these museums attract you with their rich history, there is another reason to visit them. There are over one dozen museums in Washington D.C. that are free to visitors all year around. Without any entrance fees, these buildings open their doors to the public throughout the year. The biggest advantage of such free admission is flexibility of choice.

Do D.C. the Right Way with a Day Stay

These free museums proved as an attractive feature for our Washington D.C. day stay. HotelsbyDay, with day booking hotels, allows for maximum freedom. With flexible check-in hours, you can use the hotel room to relax after a long exploration day. Besides, this daycation can be truly economical in every way. Along with free admission to the museums, you can save on accommodations too. These rooms are charged for a few hours rather than the conventional system of overnight booking, passing on the great savings to their guests.

The best seasons to for a D.C. day stay are spring and summer. In order to make the most of your visit, do your homework beforehand. Read about the museums and find your areas of interests. Then plan your schedule accordingly. Below is a list to help narrow the focus.



Miles of Museums

National Museum of American History: Head over to this museum to know more about American history since the 1600s. It offers close a look of migration, independence, politics and the lifestyle of Native Americans. It also features stories of soldiers and wars that made their great contribution to American history.

National Air and Space Museum: The name itself attracts millions of visitors every year as this interesting spot of the Smithsonian Institution is truly a must-see for all age groups. It features several aircrafts, space-crafts, missiles, satellites and aeronautical wonders. Interactive exhibits and state-of-the-art IMAX theatre are two highlights of this museum.

National Museum of African American History and Culture: This museum is truly one-of-a-kind dedicated to the rich African American culture of the United States. It provides documentation of the African American life with mention of notable leaders, social workers, influential politicians, and artists.

National Museum of Natural History: A must-see museum for nature lovers. Their collection includes numerous insects, plants, fishes in jars, wild-life photographs and artifacts. And their collection is from all over the world.

National Postal Museum: This museum explores America’s postal history from colonial times. Their rich collection of stamps and posts are definitely worth exploring.

National Museum of the American Indian: Another museum based on American history, the National Museum of the American Indian features exhibits of the Native Americans. It covers more than 12,000 years of history in this spacious building at the National Mall.

Don’t Forget the Worldclass Art

Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden: It features contemporary and modern art exhibits including sculptures, photography and paintings. The structure is also well known for its architecture and exhibits in the open courtyard.

National Gallery of Art: This museum will take care of your creative curiosity with some of the best art exhibits from all over the world. The gallery is also known for several free tours that are definitely worth taking. Wonderful paintings, art exhibits, and sculptures adorn this gallery that is loved by all.

By covering aspects such as history, arts, culture, science, and natural wonders, these free museums are truly worth visiting. A D.C. day stay can bring you several steps closer to the heart of this huge country. Such a unique daycation in Washington, D.C. can fill your memories with something to remember forever. For more information on summer exhibitions, click here.

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