When the popular day hotel booking site, HotelsByDay, went on the famous show Shark Tank, magic happened.

The team led by the CEO, Yannis Moati, explained the progressive day booking platform during the original airing in February. While the Shark Tank investors didn’t fully understand the innovation offered by the hospitality tech start-up, many others did. Savvy hoteliers saw the benefits right away. Hundreds more hotel partners have signed on because of the show. The New York City-based startup has a wide variety of dayuse hotels from Manhattan to daystay hotels in Los Angeles. And everywhere in between. From exciting Dallas daycations to Chicago quick nap hotels, HotelsByDay is making the most of previously unused hotels during the daytime across the country.

Travelers, day trippers, business men, and more flocked to the site in droves to use the service. The growth has been tremendous. With that episode recently rerunning–the Shark Tank Effect just revved up to full force once again. It’s helping people understand how HotelsByDay is revolutionizing the hospitality industry. Learn more about the Shark Tank Effect.

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