Looking for a family-fun filled day enjoying the great outdoors? Wouldn’t it also be great to take some of the day back home with you? If you’re visiting California’s Bay area, there’s a wonderful activity the whole family will love: fruit picking. And one city has some of the best fruit farms in the area open to the public. A same day hotel from HotelsByDay is perfect to get refreshed before or after collecting the bounty.

The City of Brentwood in the sunny state of California allows you to explore this opportunity every year during spring and summer. With huge stretches of farms, innumerable fruit trees, sunny weather, conducive soil and state-of-the-art farming arrangements, it’s a wonderful spot for your next fruity adventure. It is well known as the Bay area’s favorite fruit picking destination for its varieties and choices. With so many farms to choose from, you will definitely be surprised at the selection. Every farm is laden with numerous fruit trees and every fruit tree is laden with innumerable fruits.

Brentwood is well known for farms of cherries, strawberries, peaches, pears, plums, and nectarines. Besides this, it also has farms of nuts and vegetables. Fruit picking can turn into a fun-filled activity for the entire family as children can also pick fruit close to the ground. All you need is a basket, hat, a few dollars and energy. It can pose as a picnic as you can enjoy fruit picking coupled with picnic lunch, long drive and loads of pictures to capture these special moments.

One daycation or day stay is all you need to enjoy this memorable fruit-picking adventure. Brentwood is located approximately 68 miles from San Francisco and 58 miles from San Jose. For such daytime adventures, it is beneficial to obtain a same day hotel with flexible check-in and check-out. Look no further as HotelsbyDay provides just that. The platform allows you to book rooms for few hours of the day, you can plan the itinerary as per your convenience. Early check-in followed by an entire day of fruit picking can turn your daycation into an enjoyable holiday. You can either pick a hotel close to the airport or one located in the heart of the city in order to make the most of this unique experience.

More fun per pound with a same day hotel

Each of these farms charge you for the amount of fruits that are collected based on its weight. For example, one pound of cherries may cost around 3-4 dollars. There is no additional fees for registration or entrance. Besides, there is no need of prior registration or booking. Head over to any of the fruit farms and get started. Though there is no pre-booking, it is always advisable to call some of these farms beforehand to know about their hours and stock of fruits available.

The advantage of such a fruit-picking activity is to get fresh fruits right from the trees. This provides guarantee about its quality. Besides, it showers the joy of hard work and efforts to lay hands over the fruit directly. It also turns out to be cheaper as compared to market rate as there is no cost of transportation, preservation, storage and labor. It can be ideal for picking fruits in larger quantities or for distributing it within family and friends. What better gift for loved ones than freshly picked fruits straight from the farm. As this activity can engage kids, it proves to be a win-win situation for the entire family. Children can understand about the activities in a farm, while playing around in the fields. On the other hand, parents can collect fruits for the family and relax under the ambiance of trees. Such kind of daycation can take you closer to Mother Nature. It introduces everyone to the strength of soil, while it supplies endless stock of resources for survival. And a same day hotel helps get everyone refreshed after all the down and dirty fun.


Pick of the day

Spring and summer are the two seasons reserved for this fun-filled activity of fruit picking. Generally, it is possible to match months with their appropriate fruits as the pattern remains the same every year.

May- June: cherries, strawberries, blueberries

June- July: apricots, peaches, nectarines, raspberries

July- September: plums, peaches, artichokes

As fruit picking is carried out in the open under hot sun, it is important to carry enough stock of water or juices to stay well-hydrated. A cap or hat can come handy to protect from the scouring heat. It is advisable to wear shoes or closed footwear to prevent any insect bites. Also, some of the farms are cash only which means carry enough cash to avoid any inconvenience.

Brentwood has more than 50 u-pick farms that allow you to pick your own fruits. Besides, some farms sell their pre-picked fruits to help you out if you are tired after the hard work.

Here are some of the u-pick farms that are famous among visitors and gather lot of crowd year after year: Smith Family Farms, G&S Farms, Pease Ranch, Bacchini’s Fruit Tree, Chavez U-Pick, Chan Fruit Stand, The Berry Best, Wolfe Ranch, 5 Star Cherries, and Mike’s U-Pick.

This unique opportunity of picking fruits can definitely turn into a fun-filled day activity. For more infomation on harvest times in California, click here. Experience the joy of vacation, relaxation, picnic, hard work and quality family time all blended into one power-packed day. And a same day hotel with early check in and late check out from HotelsByDay is the juicy cherry on top.

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