With the multitude of new apps that come out, it can be tough to parse out the useful from the not so useful. In the hospitality industry, technology is giving hotels the opportunity to streamline operations and give their guests a more comfortable, convenient stay. Whether it’s changing the way guests place a booking, check in for their stay, or even how they access their room, these are three technologies that are making waves in the industry. Check them out below:


Greater Booking Flexibility
One of the biggest challenges posed to hotels is to accommodate a broad range of guest needs with a consistently high level of service. While every traveler has individual requests, hotels in the past had to pick and choose the services that fit within their operating budget, limiting them to only those that filled the most common needs. Improved technology has enabled services like HotelsByDay to partner with hotels and expand their offerings without additional expenses.

By maximizing the use of already available inventory, our system matches a growing market for daytime space and the wasted rooms that are unoccupied in the morning and afternoon. HotelsByDay lends greater booking flexibility to hotel properties and allows them to better serve a broader clientele.

Digital Operations & Concierge Services
Greater access to technology has led to the rise of a more independent traveler, for whom efficiency is a high priority. Digital concierge services are a way to meet those needs for speed and efficiency while still providing essential services that improve a guest’s stay. From the guest’s perspective, a digital concierge gives them the information he or she needs in a convenient, centralized system. From the hotel’s perspective, the digital concierge allows them to monitor operations more closely and maximize their staff efficiency.

Take a software service like Intelity, chief marketing officer Phil Schwartz writes, “It presents all the hotel’s services, from in-room dining to transportation, requests for turn-downs and wake-ups, spa appointments, restaurant reservations, housekeeping, amenities, maps and even adjusting room controls such as lighting and temperature. For the hotel, it is the greatest innovation in guestroom service since the telephone. At their fingertips, guests can access and order with ease.” With centralized control of all a hotel’s operations, hotel management can easily target areas for improvement and optimize their service.

Using Smartphones as Room Keys
In addition to simplifying their reservation booking process and services, hotels are looking at the logistics of guest stays to find other areas of improvement. For instance, the oh-so common issue of de-magnetized hotel keys is soon to be a historical anecdote. Hotel behemoth Starwood Hotels and Resorts Worldwide has been trying out keyless entry systems, working with Swedish lock company Assa Abloy on an app-based room entry system that circumvents the need for a key entirely. It’s just one of the many ways hotels are getting smarter about how technology can improve guests’ stays and keep things moving quickly and efficiently with minimal inconvenience.

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Yannis Moati

Founder at HotelsByDay
Yannis has a rich background of 15 years in travel, from guiding tours in Europe at a young age, to co-founding an exotic travel agency, and then directing a New York-based global tour operator company. Throughout his professional life, for both his clients and personal travels, Yannis had to always pull strings to get a more personalized hotel check-in or check-out times. Frustration turned to illumination, witnessing first-hand the important customer behavioral shifts of the ‘on-demand’ economy: something could be done in boosting hotel revenues by selling uncommitted inventory by day.