The city of San Francisco is well known for its rich culture, enthusiastic people, creative vibes and lively atmosphere. As a free-spirited hub that encourages people to explore their talents, San Francisco is truly instrumental in starting new trends. One such trend, the flea market find, is all the rage on an artificial island aptly called “‘Treasure Island.” Built in 1937, Treasure Island is located at the northern end of the San Francisco Bay area. What attracts people to this little island is a monthly colorful event called “Treasure Island Flea.” Organized during the last weekend of every month, Treasure Island Flea, is known for its wide range of food trucks, artifacts, live entertainment and exciting merchandise. It’s perfect for a daycay with a half day stay from HotelsByDay.

Treasure Island Flea takes off

Launched in 2011 its aim was to support local entrepreneurs and artists. The last weekend of every month is reserved for unique entertainment that draws people from far and wide. What started off as a humble project by a family soon gained huge momentum to become one of the biggest flea markets in the Bay area.

Though it welcomes visitors month after month, it’s reaching a milestone. Treasure Island Flea is celebrating six years in business. The celebration is on the 27th and 28th May 2017 (10 am to 4 pm), and the best way to enjoy the flea is to drive down to the Treasure Island from San Francisco. A daycay via a daystay hotel puts you in the middle of the action.

Ample free parking spaces are one of the biggest highlights attracting visitors. Children under 12 years-old enjoy free entry and a $3 fee for adults makes it an inexpensive fun-filled day. The event features more than 400 local artists, vendors, designers, antique collectors, and food. Their pet-friendly grounds means the whole family can join in. There’s also plenty of pet product booths catering to animal lovers. Find a pet-friendly day hotel to create the best daycay ever. Just a quick trip over the Golden Gate Bridge awaits a shopping and gastronomic adventure.


There’s so much to see, buy, and experience!

Treasure Island Flea is famous for its food and merchandise. It is also nicknamed as the “food truck festival” for the wide variety of food trucks, serving diverse cuisines and mouth-watering dishes. What is special about this event is that it features local vendors and entrepreneurs. It provides a huge platform for locals to display their talent, sell merchandise, reach out to a larger community and network. The Treasure Island Flea’s main goal is to build a friendly community and make a long-lasting bond between patrons and vendors. The DIY community workshops and carnival games ensure that this aim is fulfilled, offering excitement to little kids too. The event also focuses on creative arts like band performances, cultural activities, singers, and musicians.

On the merchandise front, you can look forward to fancy clothes, trendy shirts, customized t-shirts, and dresses. Jewelry section features hand-made necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and rings. Perfumes, candles, essential oils, soaps, and scents are handcrafted and great for gifts.

The banquet

Without any doubt, food and drinks are major central attractions at the Treasure Island Flea. More than 40 food trucks and pre-packaged food stations have something for everyone. American, Italian, Chinese, Indian, Greek, you name it and you will find the cuisine right there.

Three full bars have a rich collection of local wines, seasonal cocktails, craft beers and diverse liquor is another highlight of the event.

Set against the picturesque, breath-taking backdrop of the Golden Gate Bridge and San Francisco downtown, this experience of Treasure Island Flea is definitely one of a kind. Though you can visit it all year long, their special 6th-anniversary birthday bash is something extra-special to look forward to.

Book a room with HotelsbyDay, plan an exciting daycay, and enjoy the spoils for years to come! Explore the Treasure Island for its stock of wonderful memories to last a lifetime.

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