Renting a hotel room for the day is growing in popularity. Paying a fraction of what an overnight stay would cost for five or six hours in the middle of the day makes too much sense to ignore. As hotel owners across the U.S. continue to raise room prices, with some predicting as many as a 5.4% increase in lodging costs. It’s time to think outside the box and diversify how we approach hotel stays. Everything is about to change with HotelsByDay.

Check out five scenarios that are perfect for a hotel day stay:

1. Long Layovers

One of the worst parts of travel is the delayed connecting flight that leaves you stranded at the airport, eating overpriced airport food and bored out of your mind. Rise above the destitution of the airport terminal and book an affordable room at a hotel near the airport for a shower, nap and maybe a swim in the hotel pool. If that sounds like a better alternative to the hectic discomfort of the airport terminal (and we know it does), then you’re in luck.

2. Shopping Day Trips

Serious shoppers know a proper shopping spree requires an entire day. Combing the area for the best deals and finds is an involved endeavor. But what happens when your hands are full and your feet exhausted? If you’re embarking on a shopping spree away from home, a hotel near the city’s major shopping districts is a fun and convenient place to stow your bags, take a breather, shower and get changed before you head out to dinner in the city.

3. Business Travel

Business travel is a nonstop juggling act. You’re heading into unfamiliar territory, balancing a regular workload on top of your meetings, and need to be mentally sharp in order to leave an impression with potential clients. If that sounds exhausting, well, that’s because it is. But you can ease some of that burden by setting up shop in a hotel room in the a.m. Wash off that airplane feeling, go over your sales pitch, and catch an hour or two of shuteye to head into your meetings refreshed and ready.

4. Job Interviews

You’ve lined up a series of job interviews—congrats! Now it’s time to nail them. One small thing, you don’t live in the city.  You can either get in early and linger in Starbucks, or you can prepare for your interviews the smart way. Ease your nerves by booking a hotel room in the city for the morning. You can rehearse answers to common interview questions in front of the mirror, press your clothes to perfection and give yourself ample opportunity to arrive on time by booking a location near the office.

 5. Road Trips

There’s nothing like the excitement of the open road. Except when you’ve been driving non-stop for 18 hours. In that case, stopping to freshen up and take a nap are always a good idea. You can use the HotelsByDay mobile app to browse day stay hotels while on the road and spend much less than you would for an overnight reservation.

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Yannis Moati

Founder at HotelsByDay
Yannis has a rich background of 15 years in travel, from guiding tours in Europe at a young age, to co-founding an exotic travel agency, and then directing a New York-based global tour operator company. Throughout his professional life, for both his clients and personal travels, Yannis had to always pull strings to get a more personalized hotel check-in or check-out times. Frustration turned to illumination, witnessing first-hand the important customer behavioral shifts of the ‘on-demand’ economy: something could be done in boosting hotel revenues by selling uncommitted inventory by day.