Before the dog days of summer hit, treat yourself and your dog to an exciting daycay adventure!

Spring is in full swing and it’s time to hit the great outdoors again. While dusting the cobwebs off your windbreaker, looking down you see there’s that fuzzy face imploring, “Where are we going next?” So where are you going next? When planning fun day outings, don’t forget to include your furry four-legged friends. And while you’re having a new experience during the first blushes of warm weather–why not try something really different? Rather than taking the same walk to the same spots day after day, take your dog on a great daycay. It’s the most affordable extravagant splurge you and your little buddy can have.With day booking hotels from HotelsByDay you can book a half day stay. With early check in and late check out, you and your fluffy friend can hit the nearby dog park activities and enjoy the daystay hotel’s amenities, take a cat (ah, pup) nap, and get refreshed before the adventure continues.

Many of our day use hotel partners welcome pet guests. And they’re located in some of the most celebrated dog-friendly cities in the country. Springtime is about reveling in the sunshine and taking some time to smell the flowers! Who’s better at reveling and smelling (and some rolling) than man’s best friend? Push past the winter blues with some blue skies, fresh air, and your best friend by your side with a wonderful daycay. Here are eight great dog park destination daycays waiting for you.


1. Houston, Texas.

Everything’s bigger in Texas, and that includes one fabulous dog park. The Congressman Bill Archer Bark Park is known for its gigantic bone-shaped ponds where maximum splashing is required. Dogs can swim and swim, but this dog park has it all, including dog showers to wash off all that muddy fun. There’s also shady spots for a respite from the hot Houston sun and 17-acres of walking trails, open spaces for fetch and even an agility course. Houston also has over 60 dog-friendly restaurants and cafes all across the city. Check out the pet-friendly Houston day hotels.

2. Chicago, Illinois.

The Windy City might not be known for its beaches but this one sure tops the charts for dog guardians. Chicago’s first legal off-leash dog beach, Montrose Dog Beach allows dogs to run around the sand and get crazy with the waves. The park is almost four acres and is secured with gates to keep dogs off the sunbathers. What could be more exciting than playing with your dog in the surf? Bandannas are recommended but not required, however, a $5 DFA tag is required. There’s also tons of dog-friendly shops and even food trucks for dogs abound.


3. Los Angeles, California.

The City of Angeles is one town that is wild about dogs. Everyone who’s someone has a dog and many of its cafes, high-end boutiques, and hip shops cater to the canine crowd. Of course it would have a fabulous dog park! Runyon Canyon Dog Park offers 90 acres of off-leash play areas complete with picnic tables and dog fountains. It’s the most visited park in all of L.A. and Runyon Canyon is known for its rampant wildlife and equally rampant celebrity sightings. With sweeping vistas of the whole city for you and all kinds of scents for Fido, everyone will go home happy. Finish off this daycation in one of Los Angeles’ many dog-friendly bars. Check out the pet-friendly Los Angeles day stay hotels.

4. Phoenix, Arizona.

One of the ten best dog parks, as voted on by readers of the USA Today, is located in the Phoenix area. Coming in at number five is Cosmo Dog Park. This off-leash doggy wonderland has a lake, drinking fountains, and four play areas completely fenced including special areas for high-energy or shy dogs. Plus washing stations. Whether your dog is the one dog who drives everyone at the dog park nuts or if your dog would prefer to sit on the fenceline – this puppy playground has got you covered. There are a lot of shopping and snacking spots for you and your little dog too in the Phoenix area. There’s a terrific daycation hotel a few miles away in Casa Grande.


5. New York City, New York.

It’s hard to decide who’s winning in the West Coast vs. East Coast battle of which is the biggest bunch of dog-lovers. New York City is filled with dog parks from the Upper West Side all the way down to Battery Park City. You and your canine can promenade all the way down the West Side Highway taking in the beautiful views of the Hudson River. To just mention one dog park could be hard, but the readers have spoken. Number nine on the USA Today’s top ten best dog park list is Tompkins Square Dog Run.  It’s hailed as the city’s first official dog run and major renovations include swimming pools, a washing station and separate large and small-breed runs. Located in the famed East Village, there’s plenty of people watching, and doggy watching. The East Village has something for everyone, be they freaky or furry. Check out the many local day stay hotels.  

6. Atlanta, Georgia.

Just a few miles from downtown Atlanta is Piedmont Dog Park. The roughly three acres of dog park includes separate enclosures for large and small dogs. Manicured trails, lots of trees and open space for you and your dog to have a rousing good time. There are benches and restrooms, so you both get to take a break. In its fifteenth year of operation, the park attracts pet-owners from near and far. During the season, tasty food trucks are available to grab a special treat, and there’s a doggy treat truck too. There’s a terrific transit hotel near all the dog-friendly trails and high-end pet-friendly shopping boutiques.


7. Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

The 92-acre dog-friendly park in the middle of Ft. Lauderdale is a picnicker’s and pooch’s dream come true. The Bark Park at Snyder Park has a giant turquoise blue lake for doggy swimming and much more. It’s the wilderness meets the best time ever. Large trees dot the landscape with picnic tables, grills, and restrooms. There’s a lot to do for the people in your party too: basketball courts, volleyball courts, a butterfly garden, horseshoe pits and playgrounds abound. Also available in the area are jazzy brunches, swanky boulevards, and tons of treats for everyone. There are dayuse hotels nearby. 

8. Boise, Idaho.

Oh boy, Boise! The Military Reserve is over 700 acres of stunning beauty with flowing creeks and natural expanses along the Boise Foothills. It’s got 10 acres fenced specifically to let your dog socialize and have some off-leash fun. The park also offers miles of off-leash trails providing hours of hiking from sunrise to sunset. This park also features an old military cemetery, so there’s a lot to explore for you too. There are also tons more hiking trails all over the Boise area, which may necessitate two daycays! Check out the pet-friendly day stay hotel of the City of Trees.

Whether you have a young pup ready for high-energy romping or a sweet senior who just wants to soak up the sun on a sandy shore, there’s a daycation destination waiting for you both. You and your loyal friend deserve a great day together and HotelsByDay makes it easy to do. Check out more pet-friendly hotels on the website or app (look for the pet paws in the amenities section) and get out there.

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