With over 100 positive Google reviews, it’s no wonder HotelsByDay is taking the hospitality industry by storm. The web-based day booking hotel platform unlocks previously unused hotel rooms during the day. The service not only helps hoteliers fill empty rooms but busy people now have a place to recharge during the hustle and bustle of the day. Sure, a day stay hotel is the go-to cure for jet-lag and long layovers but they’re so much more. They appeal to a wide variety of busy professionals, moms-on-the-go, and weary long distance travelers, alike.

HotelsByDay is helping people take a much needed break from all the demands of contemporary life. The service is at the forefront of the trending holistic approach of mindfulness and the necessities of taking care of oneself. People are using the service to put the brakes on for a few hours and take a much needed nap. Naps – the science is in and you need one. Luckily, HotelsByDay has you covered. From New York City daystay hotels to nap hotels in Los Angeles, and all across the country, a refreshing nap is one click away.

It’s all in the stars!

The overall average from the Google reviews is 4 ½ stars. With five stars being the best, that’s mighty close to perfect. But don’t just take our word for it – here’s what folks are saying about HotelsByDay.

“I love hotels by day for a couple of reasons. The first of which is red eye flights from L.A. I am not able to sleep in flight. Thus, when I arrive back in Boston I am like a zombie. With HBD I can grab breakfast at Logan Airport and then have my car service take me to the hotel for a quick refreshing nap. After that I am ready for my meetings in town. Secondly, I can come into the city and schedule meetings right at the hotel. I can grab dinner downstairs and a quick nap. Then, off to the airport,” says Erin Melvin, a five-star rewarding HotelsByDay enthusiast.  

A perfect app that’s convenient and easy to use! Great for day trips so you can rest and freshen up,” says Katrina T.

Young Businesswoman passed out asleep on a hotel bed

“I have suggested HotelsByDay to my company for quick business trips and conferences because it is so nice to have a place to rest and freshen up before meetings,” says Stefano Cobelli.

“Great Experience using the service. My flight arrived in Europe early in the morning and I had to kill about 5 hours before I could head to my destination. It was great to have a bed and a shower to relax without paying for the full night before and dealing with the late arrivals at the desk. I was pleasantly surprised that the hotel staff was full aware of my HotelsByDay booking and I didn’t have to explain anything or show my booking info, so they must get more bookings than I expected,” says Kevin Trainor.

“I had a wonderful experience and will definitely be using the service again, plus recommending to clients and friends. Everything went smoothly, from check-in to check-out and the room was beautiful. Living in a chaotic city like NYC means a few hours away from it all is much appreciated. Thank you!,” says Rachael L.

And this just in from Peter Coulton: “First time user. Reserved room at a hotel I’ve used before. Got confirmation from HotelsByDay. Checked in with no problems. Room was clean and tidy, as expected. Took a nap, took a shower, changed clothes for meeting. Left with a wave and a smile. I’ll be doing this more because I have to drive a distance to get to some meetings, and sometimes they schedule 2, and I get a break. Day use suits me perfectly.”

Gimme a Break!

Whether you’re trying to just have some “me-time” or getting ready for a big meeting or interview, the perfect accommodations await. With hotel partners in over 270 cities worldwide, there’s a day stay hotel already in your area. And don’t forget–many of the hotel amenities are available during your daycation. You can use the fitness center, take a swim, or lounge on the roof deck before you take a nap and get recharged. HotelsByDay helps you be the best, not beleaguered, you. Whether you call it a day use hotel, day stay hotel, relax hotel or a daycation, it’s a service you’ll never want to live without. One hundred random users probably wouldn’t all agree on anything else!

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Denise LeBeau

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