Let a hotel for a day take you away! With all the demands of contemporary life, it’s no wonder that relationships suffer. From an ever-escalating work schedule, rearing children, hustling to get errands done, the list of reasons why quality time with a significant other falls to the wayside is many. It’s well known that romance blooms while on vacation. But with budget and time limitations, it’s hard to keep romantic love alive via far-off vacations. Luckily, HotelsByDay with day booking hotel partners across the country reignites the romantic sparks with a convenient hotel for a day. Gone are the hours of making travel plans, airport hassles, and spending tons of money. Now all that’s needed is a smartphone or computer, a few hours, and the desire to make your relationship a priority. A hotel for a day is all that’s required to keep love on the right track.

Five ways a hotel for a day can improve your relationship:
1. It’s new!

Recent studies from the Department of Psychology at York University in Canada suggests that the daily grind is grinding down your relationship. Doing new things together as a couple leads to more connection in the bedroom. Spending quality time with your spouse doing something novel, like visiting a museum or exploring a new park together, helps keep the attraction alive. Having a fresh experience is what a half day stay from HotelsByDay is made for: check out the area’s hot attractions and then hightail it back to the hotel for a day for more intimate attractions.

2. Getting away from it all.

Sex counselor and author of She Comes First, Ian Kerner, states that switching up rooms in which to be romantic spices up a staling romance. What could be more of a switch than spending the afternoon in a day booking hotel? He also relays that being away from it all mentally is as important. Sexual arousal in women is facilitated by the removal of anxiety and stress from the equation. Being free of distractions–the laundry that needs folding, the kids who need snacks, the dog who needs walking–frees up the mind and puts it in the “mood.” That mood that Sinatra famously croons about. Creating boundaries is almost impossible to do at home but easily accomplished during a half day stay!

3. All five senses.

A half day stay hotel isn’t just great for promoting more local outdoor adventures! It’s also good for the indoor ones. Luxuries like candles, fine sheets, large beds, flattering lighting and room service all add to the day stay’s ability to induce romance. Making your loved one feel pampered is an ideal way to open the floodgates of romance. Release the dopamine transmissions of positive feelings and indulge all the senses. It’s the shortcut to reinforcing those loving bonds.


4. Refresh, revive, rejuvenate!

A daycation also allows for more couples therapy via amenities. Workout together in the fitness center, more dopamine, spot your loved one and then receive the same. Many of our half day stay hotel partners have indoor or outdoor swimming pools. Splash around and have some fun. Most people forget that bonding occurs during bouts of play. People are usually so caught up in the day-to-day routine that time dedicated just to play gets forgotten. But it’s integral to health and well-being. After some fun, get a couples massage. Many daystay hotels have in-house spas, but there are also concierge wellness services like Refresh that can bring the massages right to your room. This will surely bring the romance back to your relationship.

5. The freedom of it all.

In addition to being free of the chore of housekeeping, a dayuse hotel for romance supplies a lot more freedom. No one’s walking in and no one’s listening in. And that’s a freedom that translates to a loss of inhibitions and an increase in adventurousness. In The Couples Therapy Companion: A Cognitive Behavior Workbook, author Russell Grieger, recommends adding more adventure to the bedroom. Adding things like role playing, sexy outfits and undressing each other provocatively breaks up the ho-hum routine of sex and makes it more exciting, and increases the bonds between couples. Without the prying eyes or open ears of nosy neighbors, breaking new romantic ground is explored more comfortably in a hotel by day.

So whether you’re a married couple together for eons or a new relationship fresh to the first blushes of love, a daycay via HotelsByDay will surely stoke the fires of amour!

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Denise LeBeau

Denise is a professional editor, writer, and columnist. She was assistant curator to Robert Rauschenberg for 12 years, creating content for press releases, publications, and films, along with managing the digital archives. Over the next 12 years, she was a web managing editor for a national animal agency. She currently has a column in a popular cat publication and works as a freelance editor with clients ranging from tech startups to Washington DC think tanks.