A Mom is like a pair of lungs. Life-giving and eternally supportive, but not appreciated or acknowledged nearly enough.  

Why is that we take the best and most crucial things for granted? I don’t have the answer to that perpetual question; it seems to be hammered into our mortal being, but I do know how we can confront it: by recognizing—every day—those things we normally take for granted. (Tomorrow, for instance, when you take your first conscious breath, look down at your lungs and say: Merci. That’s thank you, in French.)

But back to Moms. Back to your Mom. It’s almost Mother’s Day—you need to tell her how much you care. And not by buying her a lavender-scented candle from Bed Bath & Beyond, like you do every year.

Here are a few unconventional, meaningful ways to sing out your praise for Mom on her special day:

Father and daughter cooking for mom in the kitchen.

Comfort Food

Sit her down in the living with a glass of wine and take over the kitchen by cooking her your all-time favorite meal growing up. This will bathe your dining room in nostalgia and let you both reminisce—she doesn’t get to do that very often.

Ladies stand on left leg with arms stretched wide during a Mother's day yoga retreat on the beach.

Take Her Away

As goes the ancient adage: Moms Love Retreats. It can be yoga, meditation, silence — it can be pretty much anything. She’ll love the quality time she’ll get to spend with you, and you’ll forge lovely new memories.

Salsa or Swing It

Do some local research and find community centers that host dance classes. Then take Mom out dancing. Easy. She’ll obviously love it.

Family sits around playing card games and enjoying each other.

Game Night

Buy her a board game, then get the whole family together to play. The School of Life has a ton of awesome games that are great at sparking meaningful conversations.

Get Her on the SaaS

Software as a subscription, for those of you still not fluent in Silicon Valley. Spotify or Netflix are obvious contenders; alternatively, you could sign her up for a non-software subscription, à la Blue Apron (for food) or Frank & Oak (for clothes). Each time her subscription renews, she’ll think of you.  

Mother smiling wide from receiving a thoughtful Mother's Day Gift.

Encourage Her Thing

Sign her up for a class in that thing she’s always wanted to try. You’ve heard her say it a million times: You know; I’ve always wanted to learn how to play the alto sax / speak French / weld glassware… You also know she’s too busy and caring to ever really get around to it, so sign her up yourself. She’ll appreciate that you remembered her extracurricular interests, and she’ll be grateful for such a thoughtful gift.

DNA Test

Ancestry tests are all the rage right now. She’ll learn more about herself, and you’ll learn more about yourself… because, you know, you’re sort of blood-related. 23andMe even has a 25% off Mother’s Day special right now!

Your Mom has enough things. Moms have always and will always prefer thoughtfulness over materiality. Hopefully this list opens your mind up to the vast spectrum of non-physical gifts you give. And remember: thank your Mom (and your lungs) every day.

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Featured Image: “Mother and Daughter Holding Hands” by Dan Gold via Burst

“Cooking for Mom” by Rustic Vegan via Unsplash

“Yoga Retreat” by Kaylee Garrett via Unsplash

“Wide-smiling Mom” by Pegleess Barrios via Burst

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