Your long-distance relationship is hard already, but it can be particularly difficult on February 14th. Buck-up Juliets and Romeos—these eleven long-distance Valentine’s Day ideas will make you feel like you’re really together this year.

Woman sitting on chair looking out window alone on Valentine's Day.
Don’t let this be you this Valentine’s Day!

Long-Range Movie Night

Step 1: Set up your video-chatting application of choice.

Step 2: Spend several minutes (or hours) debating which movie to watch (after all, some things don’t change with distance).

Step 3: Make popcorn, and throw some candy hearts in a bowl—it’s Valentine’s Day.

Step 4: Press “play” at the same time. Voilà—you can still hysterically sob through the end of “The Notebook” together.

Long-Range Movie Night, Cinema Edition

A twist on the aforementioned long-range movie night.

Step 1: Check what’s playing at your respective local cinemas.

Step 2: Venture into the February cold (if you want to be really cute, order your partner an Uber).

Step 3: Popcorn and candy hearts. You know the drill.

Step 4: Movie time. It’s true—you’re that weirdo that goes to the cinema alone. But at least you know that your significant other is doing the exact same thing, wherever they are.

Step 5: Call your partner after the credits, and have a post-flick discussion.

FaceTime Dinner Date

Spend the week leading up to Valentine’s Day thinking of a meal you’d like to cook together. When you’ve both decided on one, pick a time to go out and buy the groceries—it’s nice to think about your person searching for ingredients at the same time as you. On the Big Day, prop up your device of choice in a splash-free zone, and start cooking. You can chat (and dig at each other’s culinary skills) as you’re preparing. When the meal is done, prop up your on-screen companion across the table from you and enjoy your meal “together.”

Care Package Swap

There are few things better than receiving a care package in the mail—especially a care package from your significant other. You can surprise them, or you can both send packages (this way, you have the anticipation of knowing something will arrive on Valentine’s Day). Some inspiration for inside: homemade cookies, a selection of their favorite snacks, a handwritten card, or a USB mixtape.

Flower Delivery

Call a florist near where your partner lives and send their favorite flowers to their door. Sure, it’s not a date per se, but you’ll be a real winner. If your partner doesn’t like flowers, there’s always Edible Arrangements or chocolate cosmetics.

Game Night (Remote Edition)

You’re the fun couple, and everyone knows it. Even though you’re long-distance, you shouldn’t have to give up game night. Fire up trusty ol’ FaceTime and try these long-distance-friendly games:

  • Mad Libs: Remember them? Try this online mad-lib generator. Chuckles guaranteed.
  • Charades: Self-explanatory.
  • Quizzes: There are tons of quizzes available online. Go for the classic “how well do you know your significant other,” or even make your own.  

E-Card Exchange

Jib Jab never disappoints. You can insert each other’s faces into any number of delightful scenarios—there’s an extensive Valentine’s Day selection on their website.

Actual Card Exchange

If e-cards aren’t your thing, write your significant other an actual love letter. Just be sure to send it in a timely manner so that it arrives on or before Valentine’s Day!

Music Night In

Miss going to gigs with your person? Try the long-distance alternative: the tried-and-tested music night in. Pick a record that means something special to both of you, lie down somewhere comfortable, and press play at the same time. There’s something wonderful about knowing your long-distance love is listening to the entire John Mayer discography at the same time as you.   

Off-Season V-Day

Valentine’s Day is a celebration of love, and love should not be confined to a specific day—am I right? Instead, plan Valentine’s Day around the next time you see your significant other—be it in soon after V-day, or several months after.

Surprise Visit

Long-distance dates can be fun, but nothing beats the real thing. You on your partner’s doorstep, a bottle of wine in one hand and a box of chocolates in the other. Book that ticket—you only live once!

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