With a current rating of 4.5 stars from Google reviews, HotelsByDay is not just the latest fad in the hospitality industry. It’s not just providing a much needed break from the demands of every day life with a delightful daycation. The day booking hotel platform, with a website and an app, is improving people’s lives in a myriad of ways. From helping busy professionals look polished and rested for their meetings in another city, to helping beleaguered moms take some “me time,” the platform is revolutionizing the way people take care of business and themselves. HotelsByDay is also helping couples connect in more meaningful ways. Some of those ways may be expected, but some of them are surprisingly life-changing.

Bringing Back the Romance

Here’s what some satisfied customers are saying about how HotelsByDay’s day booking hotel platform is making their relationships stronger by facilitating additional quality time and more.

On August 1, one happy guest, Raina, shared: “My husband and I have been using HotelsByDay to book hotels in NYC for several ‘staycation’ getaways. We absolutely love your website! It has been so easy to find hotels near whatever attraction we may be visiting. We live just outside of Manhattan, but commuting to and from the city for an event, or just a day away from the kids, was frustrating and time consuming. Now we know we can arrive way in advance, relax, and stay in the city for the entire day with a home base to return to. We have especially enjoyed staying at the Best Western Premier Herald Square. I believe we have been there 3 times in the last few months and it is always clean, professional, and easy to check in and out. The value is exceptional. Once again, thank you for your amazing service. We are repeat customers and will definitely continue using your site to book our stays!”

You can choose how long your stay is. The hotels are clean and nice. Staff is friendly. It is very easy. No hassle. Great for couples who need a mini vacation!,” says Kim Rodriguez, who allotted 5 stars to HotelsByDay.

Jeremy Schwach says, “Actually used HotelsByDay to book a last minute mid-day Valentine’s Day surprise. I got a nice last minute room in downtown Manhattan. Highly recommended.” Five stars again for a day booking hotel!


Five stars for five stars

I was able to bring my wife to a five star hotel and meal without breaking budget by using HotelsByDay to book a day stay for half the cost. There was lovely service and accommodations at the hotel and it was the perfect addition to a great day. I have no complaints about this service,” says Paul Michael, who will be known to his wife as the perfect romantic gift-giver of all time.

But our favorite 5 star review comes from Chloe: “I don’t usually write reviews but I definitely feel the need to share this. I got married which was incredibly amazing. Yes, this is relevant, bear with me. My bride-to-be jitters were going crazy since I am sort of a perfectionist. I wanted all my bridesmaids to look their best and get their makeup done professionally. I had known, from past experiences, that the bridal party usually gets ready together in a hotel room. Hence why I wanted to book a room for all of us, but my expenses were already so high, I could not afford booking an overnight room. HotelsByDay totally solved my problem. We booked the room for a couple of hours, got ready, and left. It was that simple. This is truly so great and super cost effective.”

Helping couples reconnect and take a break without breaking the bank is something the day booking hotel platform does every day. And on some days, HotelsByDay helps brides look and feel their best for the biggest event of their lives. From New York City day hotels to Los Angeles half day stays, the service is bringing people together. HotelsByDay doesn’t only make life easier for people on a budget, it also helps bring the love. Don’t just take our word for it, the reviews are in!

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Denise LeBeau

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