There are two cities in the world where space is at a premium: New York City and Paris. Both share a high overhead for real estate. And they are both financial and cultural capitals of their respective continents. For emerging entrepreneurs and freelancers alike, the expense of a full time work space is expensive to manage in both cities. In addition to paying the rent, there’s all the utilities, maintenance fees, and more. The price for such responsibilities turns a lucrative endeavor into debt-ridden and stressful situation. Luckily, for businessmen who don’t have a designated work space, or for those executives who are traveling for work, tech startup company Beewake has the perfect solution. Beewake is a digital platform that offers co-working and private work spaces, at the last minute, throughout The Big Apple and The City of Lights.

Savvy strategy

From Columbus Circle to the Financial District of Manhattan (and other Boroughs too), clients can rent a co-work or private space. Beewake also has meeting rooms, for just the required time needed. There are no monthly fees or hidden costs. For freelancers or out-of-town businessmen, it’s a great solution to conference conundrums. Pitching to clients in a coffee shop is great if you don’t mind risking a latte splashing down on your presentation. Beewake affords everyone an opportunity to conduct business in a professional setting.

It’s also a wonderful conduit to getting work done. Being a freelancer, or working from home, last minute distractions often crop up. When the construction on your street hits eardrum piercing decibels, Beewake offers a serene space. When the kids are home sick and the nanny must watch her programs, Beewake saves the day again. All without breaking the bank.

People realxing during lunch break

Inspirational space

According to a Gallup Poll, over 40% of Americans work remotely at least part of the time. Working from home saves a lot of time and money, but it can curtail creativity and dampen productivity. The Harvard Times Review reports that co-working spaces makes people feel like their work is more important. And being in a community setting makes them feel more inspired. But, unlike working in an office space filled with coworkers from the same company, they don’t feel the same pressure that goes hand-in-hand with typical office politics. It naturally fosters more open dialogues and collaboration because there’s no competition between the office space users. Working in an environment with a cross-selection of folks from a range of industries, socioeconomic, and ethnic backgrounds, provides further inspiration that springs from diversity.

One of the best aspects of Beewake is the flexibility. You can spend an afternoon at a co-work space in Williamsburg, and if the scene is not to your liking, you can switch to SoHo with a moment’s notice. Because there are no long-term conditions or commitments, you can rent work space as often as you like, and you can switch up which space you’re renting just as often.

Necessity spurs innovation

Yannis Moati, co-founder and CEO of HotelsByDay, created the startup because he saw a need during his frequent travels. The chasm between flights and standard check-in times turned travelers into fugitives. That opened up the possibilities of what customized hotel booking could mean to folks on-the-go. This is akin to Beewake’s business evolution.

The co-founds of Beewake, Sébastien Trouillet, CEO, and Jérémie Catez, President, encountered a similar challenge when working outside their former large corporate offices. They found it was complicated to reserve work spaces online and set out to shift that paradigm. So they created a company that addressed the very issues they were experiencing themselves.

We’re thrilled with the work space Beewake provides,” says Moati. “It’s a similar business model to HotelsByDay because it provides a technical solution to a burgeoning contemporary problem. And much like HotelsByDay, they want to bring people together!”

The best part about Beewake is that their business is slated to grow as the need for independent work spaces and meeting rooms increase. They’re expanding to the rest of Europe in the coming months, and with that expansion, the company will surely provide the perfect work platform for the next big ideas and latest game-changing companies!

Check out Beewake and book your next co-work or private work space or meeting room today.

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Denise LeBeau

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