HotelsByDay’s mission is not just to connect people, but to provide a platform for hassle-free travel. The most sustainable trends in the contemporary hospitality industry are giving travelers more convenience and options than ever before. We’re thrilled with a service like LuggageHero which we know everyone can use. The startup is being hailed as one of the biggest innovations in travel since rolling carry-ons!

Here’s why it’s taking the travel industry to the next level.

No more lugging

The travel-savvy company, LuggageHero, gives folks an alternative to lugging their luggage around while en route. For folks with layovers in big cities, the service allows people to “check” their luggage at convenient and safe locations. The service is currently available in New York, London and Copenhagen. But with four-star accolades from some premier media bigwigs, the fledgling startup should be available in a key travel market near you soon. Forbes named it a Startup of the Week!

“LuggageHero echoes our spirit of fostering cool solutions for easy traveling,” says Yannis Moati, co-founder and CEO of HotelsByDay. “They’re paving the way for more people to maximize their time, whether they’re traveling for business or pleasurewhile making the whole experience more enjoyable.”

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Cost efficient and convenient

So you’ve just took the train into New York City. You’ve got a redeye flight out of LaGuardia Airport but it’s only noon. The day is yours to explore some museums, get in a delicious meal, and maybe do some shopping. But you feel like a Sherpa. Packed for a vacation, you’re dragging your luggage around and it’s dragging you down!

Here’s where LuggageHero saves the day: in New York City, for only $1 per hour per bag, you can safely leave your belongings and have a fun-filled day. With over 250 secured locations, checking your bags is not just inexpensive, it’s convenient. You see, LuggageHero has ingeniously partnered with cafes, shops, and hotels, to give their clients a wide range of neighborhoods to chose from. The stress of making sure your bags are not being stolen, and not weighing you down, is gone and for just a few dollars. The Boston Globe touts it as a way to securely ditch your luggage!

Jannik Lawaetz, founder and CEO, created the startup as an answer to his own travel frustrations. While traveling, he had checked out of his accommodations in London at the required time, but still had a whole day ahead of him before departure. His epiphany came when he realized there had to be a better solution.

Let tech solutions do the heavy lifting

LuggageHero lets travelers make online reservations to check their baggage. Many of LuggageHero’s partners are open 24/7, allowing their clients to check their bags in, and out, at the exact time they need them. In addition to having online customer service available, the startup also insures all the checked bags, up to $2,000. And the cost to the customer is capped at $7 per day per bag.

Why have anxiety on whether your bags are safe or not when LuggageHero frees you up to make the most of every minute of your next trip? They’re a cool startup that’s got everyone’s attention and for three good reasons: easy to use, inexpensive, and completely secure. Don’t waste another travel day babysitting your luggage, use LuggageHero!

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