The New York City Marathon is one of the most exciting moments of the year for New York. It is a time for people of all walks of life to get together for a nice Sunday run. Foreigners have traveled endlessly across borders to attend this event. It’s become a muster of friends and families, husbands and wives, children and dogs as well. To be part of such a raw energetic moment gives people so much interconnection and happiness that to participate is an accomplishment in itself. To reward those participants, HotelsByDay has geared up by offering 5% off your next day stay!

What started out as a small organization assembling and running in Central Park with only 127 entrants and 55 finishers has now transcended into the world’s biggest and most popular marathon. With over 50,000 finishers in 2014, the NYC marathon has quaked up the city and recruited every year more individuals to participate. The marathon has come a very long way, with winners from all corners of the world. It’s always been about a community spirit, sharing an experience and moment full of hope with humans alike. After the tragedies of September 11, the marathon remained unchanged and took place on November 6th. That day in 2001, will forever live in the heart of New York. nycmarathon_start_massThe race became a symbol of hope and renewal for participants, spectators, and all New Yorkers.” – According to TCS 

2016 is the year, and November 6th is the date. The Marathon will commence on the far east side of Staten Island. It will make its way through all five boroughs, crossing over the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge into Brooklyn, Long Island City, Astoria Queens, then the Queensboro Bridge onto the Upper East Side of Manhattan and into Harlem and The Bronx. The first runners will cross the finish line near 60th St on the West Side of Central Park.


Booking a day stay with HotelsByDay is ideal for concluding your Marathon. Having the comfortability of being in close proximity to the finish line, showering and changing to then going on to celebrate your participation with some nice food alongside friends and family.

HotelsByDay has long been an advocate for charities, organizations and companies that look to further the advancement of worldwide cultures but also our society as people. That is why we are proud to announce that HBD will be offering a 5% discount to everyone during this Marathon. Just enter in Promo Code: 26milesHBD to redeem it.

In case you arrive to NYC early on Marathon day and want to be close to the finish line in Central Park, you can book a day stay in the area with Hotel options right at your fingertips!

Hotels like the 6 Columbus in Columbus Circle or at The Gallivant Times Square are in close proximity to the Finish Line.

Did we mention the First 3 winners of the marathon are granted a FREE HotelsByDay day stay!

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