Many jobs require people to travel for work. Professionals such as consultants, salespeople, and journalists are on the move often, and wind up spending a lot of time in hotels. If you’re a lawyer, architect, engineer, doctor, notary or accountant, you may not travel as much, but that does not mean you have to miss out on using a day stay hotel via HotelsByDay.

Here’s how you can take advantage of booking a half day stay hotel of your choice and why using HotelsByDay can be a great move for your career.

Lawyers get more done.

Depending on the type of law you may practice and your seniority, you might find yourself needing to visit a court. Sometimes the courts are outside of your area. Instead of booking a hotel room for an entire night, check in to a room for just a few hours. This will give you time to refresh yourself and get ready. A same day hotel is a great place to get things like depositions and briefings in order before you appear in court.

If you are looking to travel to meet a client, reserving a room for a couple of hours gives you time to prepare. Meeting with a client in person can be a great personal touch. It also gives the lawyer an opportunity for one-on-one connection. Meeting with a client, or prospective client in person can allow you to get more details about a potential case. In addition, meeting face to face lets you work out any specifics in a seamless manner.


Architects build a better future.

More and more architectural firms are taking on work in other regions. This gives architects wide opportunities to travel. Traveling can be expensive, and booking a hotel room for just a couple of hours is more affordable than a full night, sometimes up to nearly 50 percent off the nightly rate.

Spending time in certain hotels might even give you some creative inspiration you can take back to your job. If you happen to work in a very niche or boutique architecture firm, you might need a wide degree of first hand knowledge which can come by looking at buildings in person.

Doctors give more to their practice.

The life of a doctor is usually busy and stressful. This hectic lifestyle can get especially chaotic if you have to travel to a conference or to collaborate with colleagues on some sort of research. HotelsByDay gives doctors the flexibility to book a hotel room without an overnight obligation. It gives them time to rest or prepare for a presentation. You could use a couple of hours to work on a presentation, or review scientific literature that you want to bring up in a meeting.

If you are a doctor who is traveling for fundraising or charity purposes, quality rest will ensure you are energetic and ready to make your case when you need to.

More and more doctors and nurses are also beginning to embark on work which is more adaptive in nature. Many hospitals and clinics need staffers who are able to fill in for gaps in the schedules of full-time employees, giving ample opportunities for doctors to work who are willing to be flexible and adaptive by traveling to different areas. HotelsByDay gives a great opportunity for doctors who are looking for a more dynamic working schedule by giving them the opportunity to save money and book rooms in new locations.


Notaries authorize with more ease.

If you are a notary, you might be able to charge extra fees if you are willing to travel to meet a client. Papers signed in a mortgagee closing process, or to establish a trust, often require multiple signatures, which means you might have to travel. Some mortgages also close across state lines, also giving a notary the opportunity to travel and potentially make more money. A day booking hotel with HotelsByDay gives the opportunity to take on these types of jobs.

Notaries usually meet their clients in a public area, and booking a room can give you a place to recharge if you are traveling in the early morning hours or later in the evening. If you are traveling to an area with bad weather, you can reserve a room to make sure any documents you may have, along with your clothing, stays dry and dirt free.

Accountants: it all adds up to more profits.

Some accountants rarely travel, but work around tax season could present the opportunity to do so. An accountant who is traveling to support a client for a couple hours as they prepare for an audit, might not need a hotel room for an entire night. Instead, you could use HotelsByDay, and save some money. You could use your quiet time to review complicated financial documentation or tax forms.

If you work for a large firm, it can be difficult to spend nights away from friends and family in hotel rooms if you are having to travel to multiple branches of your company for work. Ask your superiors if you could rent a hotel room for a couple of hours instead. It saves them money, and lets you spend more time with your family and friends.

Why HotelsByDay?

Day booking hotels can be a great hack, and we make the process extremely easy. Enjoy rates discounted up to 50 percent off the nighttime stay, the flexibility of early check-in or late check-out time slots, and best of all our #MasterKey loyalyt program.

Book today via or our iOS/ Android apps in just a few simple steps.

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Kevin O'Brien

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