Get ready to feel the luck of the Irish! From vibrant parades to lively pub crawls, America’s best cities bring the energy on March 17th. But where should you go to maximize the fun?

Don’t worry, we have you covered! We’ll reveal the top places to celebrate on the day of the shamrock and why HotelsByDay is your secret weapon for an unforgettable holiday.


From traditional parades to its vibrant Irish music scene, Boston’s strong Irish-American community ensures a truly authentic St. Patrick’s Day experience. Immerse yourself in the South Boston parade’s energy, explore the Irish film festival, or catch a lively Dropkick Murphys concert. With Irish tunes filling the pubs and a spirited atmosphere throughout the city, Boston delivers a St. Patrick’s Day celebration steeped in tradition. And remember, when you want to recharge between festivities, HotelsByDay offers convenient day stays for a quick refresh and a touch of comfort.


Witness the spectacle of the Chicago River dyed a vibrant emerald green – a tradition since 1962. Join the massive crowds for a thrilling parade, then dive into the legendary Irish pubs for a truly festive atmosphere. If you crave a high-energy St. Patrick’s Day experience, the Windy City delivers!

The Chicago River is dyed a vibrant green, with city buildings and bridges in the background.


Get ready for a Shamrock Day celebration with a Texas twist! Join the legendary Greenville Avenue Parade for live music, festive floats, and a sea of green-clad revelers. Then, saddle up to the Old Monk, a Dallas institution, and explore their massive selection of Irish whiskeys in a cozy atmosphere. Y’all won’t want to miss this!

Savannah: Where the Whole City Turns Green

Get ready to be swept away by Savannah’s Day of the Leprechaun extravaganza! Watch Forsyth Park’s fountain turn a vibrant green, and marvel at the massive parade with its elaborate floats and marching bands. The riverfront comes alive buzzing with non-stop music and the delicious aromas of Irish food vendors. Don’t miss the Celtic festival for an extra dose of Irish charm. Savannah’s celebration will leave you feeling the luck of the Irish!

Hot Springs, Arkansas

Get ready for St. Patrick’s Day with a twist! Hot Springs, Arkansas boasts the “World’s Shortest St. Patrick’s Day Parade” – just 98 feet long! Join the quirky celebration, enjoy live music, and experience warm Southern hospitality. It’s a unique and surprisingly fun way to get your Irish on! Need a place to recharge during the festivities?

Kansas City: Where Irish Pride Runs Deep

Buckle up, because Kansas City’s St. Patrick’s Day celebration is surprisingly epic! The parade is a local favorite, with colorful floats and a sea of green stretching for blocks. For a touch of local flavor, explore the Strawberry Hill neighborhood with its rich Irish heritage. Don’t miss Browne’s Irish Market, a KC institution, for some authentic Irish snacks to fuel your celebration. Book an affordable day hotel with for a quick nap, shower, or to just enjoy the hotel amenities.

San Francisco: A West Coast St. Paddy’s Day Party with a Twist

Get ready to paint San Francisco green! Kick off your day festivities with the lively parade. Experience the energy of the parade with its marching bands, vibrant costumes, and iconic cable cars decked out in green. Continue the celebration at the Irish Cultural Center in the Sunset District. Catch traditional Irish music sessions, try some delicious pub food, and perhaps even learn a few Irish dance steps!

Los Angeles

Get ready for a shamrock shakeup with a sunny LA twist! While you won’t find massive parades, the city’s buzzing pub scene more than makes up for it. Kick things off at Tom Bergin’s Tavern, an LA landmark with Irish roots, and try their famous green beer! Then, head downtown to Casey’s Irish Pub for live music with bagpipers and a lively crowd ready to celebrate.

Where to Celebrate the Irish Holiday if You’re Short on Time

Need a quick dose of Irish cheer? HotelsByDay is the answer! Book a daytime hotel room for just a few hours during the day to:

  • Relax and freshen up between parade watching and pub hopping.
  • Take a power nap to recharge for late-night celebrations.
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Trade beaches for blarney this St. Patrick’s Day in Miami! Stroll along Ocean Drive, soaking up the tropical sun and spotting festive green decorations. Savor authentic Irish flavors and maybe even a sing-along at Fado Irish Pub. As the sun sets, feel the rhythm of Wynwood where block parties and live Irish music create a vibrant fusion of Irish and Miami energy.

New York City

The Big Apple’s celebration is legendary, and its St. Patrick’s Day parade and festivities are no exception! Experience the epicenter of celebrations in New York City! Witness the historic Fifth Avenue parade, it is the oldest and largest parade in the world, dating back to 1762. Be amazed by over 150,000 marchers, including bands, dancers, firefighters, police officers, and military units, as crowds of over 2 million spectators cheer them on.

A young woman with a side braid and a bright smile is wearing a green leprechaun hat and a yellow coat,  taking a selfie.

Where Will You Find the Luck of the Irish?

From traditional parades to quirky celebrations, St. Patrick’s Day festivities culminate in a vibrant display of Irish culture across the United States. Whether you’re drawn to the iconic, green-dyed river in Chicago, the historic parade in New York City, or the unique charm of a smaller town celebration, there’s an unforgettable experience waiting for you.

And remember, when you want to recharge between festivities, HotelsByDay offers convenient day stays for a quick refresh and a celebratory retreat. So, don your greenest attire, raise a glass, and let the luck of the Irish guide you on an exciting Paddy’s Day adventure!

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