With more affordable travel packages to popular destinations than ever, it’s no wonder luxury cruise ships are such a sought after vacation itinerary for families. And a rising tide raises all boats: In 2015 alone, there were over 23 million passengers served by this $117 billion industry (according to the Cruise Lines International Association, Inc.). They also report that the demand for cruises has increased 62 percent from 2005 – 2015. With a plethora of desirable vacation destinations, cruises provide the perfect home base for exploring new adventures. And without having to schlep all your luggage around. There’s only one issue – most connecting flights to cities with cruise launch locations arrive hours before the boat is scheduled to leave. Or their ship docks hours before their return flight is scheduled for takeoff. Here’s where day stay hotels help make the most of travelers’ pre-cruise activity and post cruise activity.

Hot Cruise hubs + day stay hotels

One of the world’s largest cruise ships is currently slated for launch from one of the world’s biggest ports: Miami. Royal Caribbean’s Symphony of the Seas is going to set sail for the first time in November, 2018. It’s a 230,000-ton vessel ready to whisk thousands of travelers all over the Caribbean. While that’s something to celebrate, over 5 million people are already leaving Miami annually via cruises.

Luckily, Miami day stay hotels are in abundance. HotelsByDay has over a dozen hotel partners in the area. Day stay hotels provide a myriad of amenities to make the wait either to your cruise, or your flight home, enjoyable. The Homewood Suites By Hilton Miami Airport-Blue Lagoon for example, has a beautiful pool to lounge by. And big sweeping windows to take in the vistas, along with being close to the beach. Instead of being stranded for the day waiting for your vacation to start, you can dive right in with HotelsByDay!

Fort Lauderdale is another Floridian cruise ship hot spot. Approximately 40 ships sail to, or from, this city-by-the-sea per year. A Fort Lauderdale day stay hotel puts you right in the heart of the action. And day booking hotel Rodeway Inn & Suites Fort Lauderdale Airport & Cruise Port has got you covered! Pool, yes! Fitness center, yes! Wasted vacation time, no!


East Coast, West Coast and All Around

Cruise ships leave from almost every major port city. In fact, in the last few years, New York City alone has invested $250 million in cruise ship terminals for Manhattan and Brooklyn. Making them the most state-of-the-art terminals in the world, according to the New York City Economic Development Corporation. With more folks leaving from NYC cruising towards their dream vacations, it’s fortuitous for every traveler that New York City day stay hotels abound! Leaving from Manhattan? Club Quarters Hotel Grand Central is the perfect spot to rest between your flight and your cruise. And they even deliver yoga kits to your room.

There are also plenty of New York City transit hotels available for a half day stay. LaGuardia Plaza Hotel puts you right next to your flight and ensconces you in luxury linens if you decide on a quick nap.

The Port of Los Angeles is home to over 20 cruise lines. From traveler’s taking a three-day jaunt around the local islands to long-distance international journeys, Los Angeles’ port is always abuzz with activity. Don’t miss an opportunity to supersize your cruise vacation with a Los Angeles day stay hotel. How about some rooftop tennis or beach bike riding before you sail off? Courtyard Los Angeles LAX/Century Blvd has got that and much more.


Regardless of which port your cruise ship leaves from or returns to, a day stay hotel will make your trip extra special. No more being stranded with your family after you flight lands and you’ve got hours to wait before your ship is ready to be boarded. Gone are the days when you’d try to fill half a day while dragging your family and luggage around after your ship gets in but hours before your flight is schedule to leave. A day stay hotel from HotelsByDay makes the pre-cruise and post cruise activity as relaxing and fun as the rest of the trip.

Book your day stay hotel to help make your next cruise ship excursion the best vacation ever! There are HotelsByDay partners in every major port in the country with tons of amenities for the whole family to enjoy.

Now through December 31, 2017, HotelsByDay is donating 5% of the booking revenue to the American Red Cross. Use the code HELPTX when booking and support the victims of Hurricane Harvey in Texas.

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