True travelers know they have to pack with precision. Space in a car can quickly run out, and airline fees for checked bags continue to balloon every year. It can be very difficult to decide what to take on a vacation, especially if you don’t have a lot of space to spare. If you’re planning a daycation or looking to book an hourly hotel with HotelsByDay, chances are you will want to pack light for maximum flexibility.

There’s a whole lot of travel accessories and gadgets on the market that claim to enhance a trip. Some of them are innovative, functional, and useful, while others are simply a waste of your money and space. Once you’ve found the perfect hotel deal and booked a room, make sure to get your hands on some of the following accessories and gadgets to enhance your experiences while traveling.

Joby GorillaPod

Photography lovers who struggle to find a good and light tripod for their camera can finally rest easy. The Joby GorillaPod has been around for a while, but it is one of the most useful accessories fro travelers. The tripod is fitted with ballheads that make it able to attach and wrap around pretty much any surface. Weighing in at about 0.5 pounds, it is highly portable and very stable. After checking in at your hotel accommodation at the Hotel Eden in Paris, set up the GorillaPod to snap some stunning shots of the Eiffel Tower, or rent a hotel room in Bordeaux and take a selfie on the city streets.


If you’re ready to take photography to the next level, the AirSelfie should be your next investment. The pocket-sized drone is able to fly for up to three minutes and connects seamlessly with your smartphone via its own WiFi. The device has a range of 20 meters, giving you a chance to take some truly spectacular bird’s eye photos of you and your friends or family. Book a day in Florence with HotelsByDay at the Cellai Boutique Hotel and fire up the AirSelfie for a photo at the Palazzo Pitti. Alternatively, book a day room at the Rodeway Inn Salt Lake City and grab a selfie from the sky while hiking near the Great Salt Lake.


Ostrich Pillow

Travel can be quite tiring, and jet lag can be an easy way to throw off a long-planned vacation. That’s where the Ostrich Pillow comes in. Traditional travel pillows are usually uncomfortable, bulky, and don’t really help you sleep at all. The designers behind the Ostrich Pillow strived to put those concerns to sleep via a more immersive sleeping environment. With its arm holes and head opening, the concept behind the pillow can seem a little weird. However, since the pillow isolates your head and hands inside its soft interior, it helps to cut down on jet lag by giving travelers a good sleeping environment free of light and most other noise. One of the best parts about HotelsByDay is the ability to hotel room at the Eros Hotel in New Delhi India, use the Ostrich Pillow to grab a quick nap at the airport before a flight back home.

Here Active Listening Earbuds

Whether you’re on a plane, in a bus, or just trying to sleep, the world can be quite noisy at the most inconvenient times. Traditional noise canceling headphones can work well, but often erase any and all sound, which could be potentially dangerous certain situations. The Here Active Listening Earbuds have tried to find a happy medium. It gives you the power to control the audio. The earbuds are designed to synchronize with a smartphone app to let you choose what you want to hear. For example, you can use the headphones to suppress an engine or reduce a baby’s cries while still being able to hear everything else. After sightseeing in the city, grab a day stay at the Clarion Inn in Tacoma and use the device to tune out the sound of cars whizzing by as you sleep.

Take the following accessories on your next adventure to enhance your experience and make some memories along the way. No matter where you’re planning to visit across the world, turn to HotelsByDay to discover day stay hotels that let you book for the morning, mid-day or the afternoon. Our easy to use mobile app makes finding hourly hotels a breeze. Once you find your day use hotel, simply book in seconds and pay once you check out.

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Kevin O'Brien

Kevin is a native Texan who is currently on the east coast. He’s spent time living and working in Eastern Europe, the Balkans and in Africa, and enjoys playing a couple of musical instruments.