A relax hotel helps celebrate Random Acts of Kindness Day in style!

We all celebrate the traditional typical holidays. Be it 4th of July or Halloween, Thanksgiving or Christmas, we all welcome these exciting days with our family and friends. Whether we choose to have a big party at home or travel to exotic places, these plans are certainly made well in advance. Usually, the emphasis is on accommodating everyone but you. However, this article is not designed for such routine and monotonous holidays. It is framed to feature an unusual day. A day off to ourselves, a day to rejuvenate and relax – the primary aim is to have maximum fun with minimum preparations. February 17 is Random Acts of Kindness Day and what better way to enjoy such a day than spending it in a daycation hotel. HotelsbyDay will take care of all your flexible booking needs and find the relax hotel of your dreams. Explore their website or app and leave all your worries to them. All you have to focus on is how you would like to spend the day.

Go ahead, live a little

It might be counterintuitive to think about a personal holiday. February includes a special Valentine’s Day for our loved one. This takes care of your date or spouse, bringing happiness to your love life. But, how about pampering yourself to a special date on a different day?

Wouldn’t it be exciting to get away from your monotonous routine and spend some quality ‘me’ time?

Wouldn’t it be amazing to pamper yourself in the spa or work out in a fitness center, simply enjoy the comfortable bed in a hotel or shop around the town for some interesting goodies?

All these colorful acts of kindness are possible with a relax hotel via HotelsbyDay.  And with ‘National Random Act of Kindness Day,’ you can bring these desires to life guilt-free. A national event created with an aim to spread kindness in the world around, you can treat yourself to a perfect relaxation day. In our daily battle with work, home, responsibilities and duties, we often ignore our own inner happiness. We’re mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, friends and employees. The demands of everyday life are constantly pulling our energy in many directions. Our mind and heart definitely deserve some time off from the journey to enjoy a few moments of peace and tranquility. Or, do some power shopping and get in an hour of cardio at the fitness center, before plopping down in front of the flatscreen TV,  it’s your day!

Kindness to ourselves is kindness to others

Unless we make some efforts to fill our lives with happiness, we cannot spread it among our near and dear ones. Healthy heart and happy mind are essential factors to spread the charm all around. This day was born to perform kind acts in society. As kindness is the first step towards communal harmony, the day is truly worth celebrating. I am sure you all must be wondering that one single day is too short to spend some quality time. While it is definitely true to some extent, it is also essential to focus on the practicality of a vacation. As it is impossible to take several days off from work quite often or as there are multiple responsibilities to take care of, it is always feasible to spend one day for yourself. Instead of dreaming about a long vacation in the middle of your rigorous schedule, it helps to benefit from such quick, short holidays. These short day-cations can recharge your batteries for the hard work ahead.


Create your kind of kindness

Let us look at some of the ways to make February 17 a self-gratifying daycation with a relax hotel.  Follow these steps to devise a fool-proof plan and experience a totally perfect day for yourself. Do not forget to share your experiences and memories that can inspire others to follow suit.

  1. Select your destination- your home town/city will be the perfect choice for a day cation or a nearby location within a few miles can lead to a good long-drive.
  2. Hunt for the hotels in your destination on HotelsbyDay. The flexible approach to book a room by the day for a few hours is the best way to bring your day-cation plans to life.
  3. Read the hotel description and plan your day in detail. As you have few precious hours, it is important to make the most of it!
  4. Look for the services and amenities offered by each hotel. Spa, pool, fitness center, sauna, gym, on-site restaurant, café are some of the aspects to look forward to.
  5. Take a look at the neighborhood for famous tourist attractions, gardens, parks, shopping malls, restaurants, and bars.
  6. Book your day-cation as per your convenience. Choose flexible check-in and check-out time.
  7. Pack your bags and wait for the good times. Enjoy a kind day to yourself and make the most of it.

With such a convenient option offered by HotelsbyDay, there is no reason to postpone or reject this fun. Enjoy your kind day after all you deserve nothing but the best!

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