It’s the night before a big trip and you’re wide-eyed looking at the ceiling. Excited thoughts of excursions and serious relaxation aside, you’re stressing about the actual “getting there” part. You run through the packing list in your head, hoping you didn’t miss anything, but then you worry you might have over-packed. You worry about the weight and whether it’ll be heavier than the airline’s limit. You hope you don’t hold up the security line trying to fish out your laptop.

Don’t sweat it. These are normal thoughts. When people travel, they tend to experience heightened levels of stress and anxiety. But that doesn’t need to be the case. Regular travelers get their calm attitude because they know what they’re doing. At HotelsByDay, we know being well prepared can make a trip such a better experience.

So, we’ve put together four airport travel tips to make sure you get in and out of the airport as easily as possible.

Bring Your Own Medicine Kit

Traveling, as fun as it is, can also bring unforeseen events. Keeping a small safety kit packed in your carry-on can be the difference of a nightmarish day spent traveling or a tolerable one. You’ll obviously want to pack any prescriptions medicines you’re taking, but also grab the Advil, Neosporin, bandages, wipes and anything else that might come in handy.

Sure, these things might be available along the way, but why take the chance or suffer the inconvenience of finding them? Bringing along the essentials guarantees reduces the chance that surprises interrupt your trip.

Dress Conveniently

We’ve all seen the airport pros, the frequent flyers swiftly maneuvering their way through the concourse pulling a small, wheeled carry-on, passing through security in a flash with a simple slip-off, and on, of the shoe. They’ve stuffed any belts they’ll need in their checked bag and emptied their pockets ahead of time. This is the airport traveler who’ll have a stress-free airport experience. This could be you. Dress comfortably for the plane, with as few laces and buttons as possible for security. It’s a simple way to make your trip more comfortable and enjoyable.

Bring a Portable Charger

Nothing’s worse than having to hover around the filled-to-capacity airport charging stations waiting for a plug to open up, or awkwardly sitting on the floor while you wait for your phone to charge at the only available outlet in the corner. Bringing a portable USB charger will eliminate the headache. The best part? The charger is useful after you arrive as well. When you’re on the go, using your nav and taking photos, you’re going to burn through your battery pretty quickly and your portable charge stick is going to be a lifesaver.

Pack with Purpose

Okay, so maybe this one isn’t as much of a hack as it is some stress-saving sense. But if there’s anything you can do well ahead of your trip, it’s packing. Let’s start with the carry-on. Your carry-on should always contain your toiletries. Just make sure to group all liquid, aerosol, gel, or paste toiletries in one clear plastic bag together, and limit each item to 3 or so ounces, otherwise you’ll lose them. Your carry-on should also hold your pajamas or bedtime clothes. This way if your bag gets lost or your flight delayed, you have everything you need to rest comfortably.

For your larger checked bags, planning your outfits ahead of time and packing them accordingly can save you from digging around your suitcase trying to find that one elusive item. Roll your outfit into a compact capsule from top to bottom for easy access at your destination. It might sound silly but people swear by it.

Take a plastic bag or two for dirty clothes on your way back. If you’re feeling extra organized, you can throw a dryer sheet in there for good measure.

During your travels, you may find you only need a room for part of the day—perhaps on a long layover or due to early arrival time. In that case, book a hotel room for the day and don’t look back.

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