Hotels are typically used as an end-of-day resting place for travelers to recharge for the night. However, many situations arise in which travelers would benefit from daytime space — a temporary base of operations in the city during a layover or while waiting for a later meeting or event.

HotelsByDay is there to help. Available for free on Android or iOS and with properties in major cities around the country, it offers bookings between 10 a.m. and 8 p.m. When you only need a room for a few hours during the day, there’s no sense in paying for a full overnight stay. Here are a few scenarios in which an intraday stay might be just the thing you need.

When You Don’t Want to Spend a Long Layover in a Crowded Airport

You’re on your way home or to your travel destination, and you have a long connection layover before your second flight. You can spend these hours with your luggage in a subpar airport bar or unwind and stretch out on a luxury hotel bed. Hotels By Day has partnered with hotels to make these intra-day booking scenarios easily accessible —around 34 percent of 3-to-5 star hotel rooms aren’t used during the day—so you won’t be hurting for options. And if you decide to ride it out at the airport, cancellations are available.

When You Want to Work in a Quiet Environment

Business trips can be stressful and overscheduled with insufficient time. Often, a traveler will settle for “whatever works” when looking for a place to get some last-minute tasks complete before the evening meeting. But countless things can go wrong if you head for the nearest Starbucks to knock some items off your to-do list: long lines, all the tables near outlets taken up, the music could be too loud, or the Wi-Fi could be spotty. You leave without accomplishing anything and more frazzled than before.

With packed schedules, there’s never a guarantee that things will go according to plan. Hotels By Day allows you to choose a better alternative with affordable rates set for a daytime experience. There’s no need to choose between a potentially crowded and disruptive coffee shop and overspending on a room for the night. With Hotels By Day, you can have your cake and eat it too. Users found that they could save $70 with a half day stay at Gild Hotel in New York City, as opposed to booking a room overnight. Hotels By Day lets traveling professionals complete last-minute assignments in a quiet, comfortable space.

When the Unexpected Occurs

Life is full of the unexpected: emergencies, oversights, and schedule slips can’t all be prevented. However, what can be controlled is how we adapt to them. Sometimes inclement weather cancels your flight and leaves you stranded in a city without the means to get home. Sometimes a venue has an emergency and needs to cancel your meeting at the last minute. You needn’t let these moments ruin potential business or slap a bad ending on a great vacation. With HotelsByDay, you can instantly find a hotel room for a meeting location, or find a quiet place to set up a base camp in which you can calmly search for alternate means of getting home. Time bands customized by the hotels provide much-needed sanctuary when life gets inconvenient.

Whether you need a pit stop to shower and change clothes between meetings, or a temporary base camp to focus and plan, Hotels By Day can provide for your needs with a tap or two on your phone.

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