Brunch is a great way to enjoy some tasty food with a close friend or family member. A wide variety of restaurants and cafes around the globe are going all in with their brunch menus. And they are serving up mouth watering food in fancy atmospheres. Keep reading for some of the most beautiful and decadent spots across the world to enjoy brunch.

Brunch decadence in Dubai

Dubai’s one of the world’s most exquisite spots. It’s no surprise great brunch can be found in the Middle Eastern city. What’s rumored to be the first Friday brunch in the United Arab Emirates is still a popular affair for hundreds of guests. The brunch at Jumeirah Al Qasr is spread out across multiple restaurants. They’re all featuring food with an international flair.

What makes the brunch so spectacular is its location. The Madinat Jumeirah resort is a beautiful and imposing hotel that is designed with a mixture of Islamic and colonial African influences. Solid gold horses greet visitors who pass through the manicured lawns. Opulent chandlers hang over grand marble staircases inside the resort.

Inside, large buffets serve up food like grilled lamb chops, Arabian kofta burgers, lobster tails, and macaroons that look like burgers. Last year, executive chef Dirk Haltenhof incorporated small food trucks serving food like Sri-Lankan style doughnuts and homemade ice cream. The entire brunch atmosphere is one of luxury and energy. A seat outside during the cooler months lets diners watch abras sail on the water in the shadow of the Burj Arab. The resort even offers an after-brunch party at one of their other hotels on site.

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New York City’s best noontime nosh

New York’s known as the city where location is everything. One of the city’s best brunches is also at one of the city’s most vibrant and bustling spots. The famous Le Parker Meridien, replete with a majestic marble foyer, is home to Norma’s restaurant. The beautiful hotel is right near Central Park, Carnegie Hall, and Fifth Avenue. Visitors for brunch at Norma’s can try some of the most extravagant, tasty, and decadent brunch offerings around.

Some of the more popular choices include popping candy waffles, peanut butter and toffee crunch waffle sandwiches, smoked salmon rings with scrambled eggs, and cheesecake stuffed French toast. Based on popular demand, the hotel even sells a cookbook of some of Norma’s top sellers.

Brunch enthusiasts who visit Norma’s have the opportunity to sample (or at least look at) one of the most famous items on the menu. The Zillion Dollar Lobster Frittata is served with a side of lobster and an ounce of Sevruga Caviar for $200. The caviar is straight from the Caspian Sea and is the highest category available. The frittata’s cost swells to $2000 with a ‘super size’ 10 ounces of caviar.

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Culinary classics in London

London’s one of the few cities in the world with an unmatched culinary reputation, and that certainly extends to brunch. One of the most beautiful spots for a mid-morning meal is at the famous Wolseley restaurant in Piccadilly. It’s self-described as a ‘café-restaurant in the grand European tradition.’

Caviar omelettes, smoked salmon, and an endless assortment of pastries are served in an atmosphere of opulence. The brunch/breakfast is so popular; one famous restaurant critic wrote an entire book about it. The Wolseley is filled with marble pillars and Venetian-inspired arches and stairways. The color scheme of gold, black, and cream gives off a high-class vibe. The entire eatery features beautiful tiled floors, lacquered wood, and leather seats.

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